Honoring Public Speakers: Crafting Unforgettable Moments of Inspiration and Appreciation

April 17, 2024

Commencement – a day etched in memory, a culmination of late-night study sessions, laughter-filled friendships, and the bittersweet anticipation of what lies ahead. While the spotlight naturally shines on the graduating class, let's not forget the pivotal role of the commencement speaker. These esteemed individuals dedicate their valuable time to offer words of wisdom and inspiration to a generation on the cusp of launching themselves into the world. But how do you, as the host, create a commencement experience that not only honors the graduates but also shows sincere appreciation for the speaker? Here's where the art of weaving speeches, gifts, and a genuine sense of gratitude comes into play.

Craft an engaging speech to establish connection with them:

The key to a successful commencement speech lies in forging a connection with the audience. Here are some tips to ensure your introduction and acknowledgment of the speaker resonate with the graduates:

  • Share Personal Anecdotes: Weave in a personal story about the speaker's work – how their book impacted your career path, how their leadership skills resonated with a specific event you witnessed. This humanizes the speaker and creates a connection with the graduates, making them more receptive to their message.
  • Highlight Achievements: Briefly mention the speaker's accomplishments and accolades, emphasizing their expertise in the field relevant to the graduates' studies. This establishes their credibility and positions them as a role model for the graduating class.
  • Set the Stage for Inspiration: End the introduction with a captivating sentence outlining the core theme of the speaker's talk. This creates anticipation and sets the stage for a powerful and inspiring message.

The Influence of Personalized Gift:

A thoughtful gift can leave a lasting impression on the commencement speaker and demonstrate your appreciation for their time and contribution:

  • Connecting to Passions: Consider the speaker's interests beyond their professional sphere. An artist might appreciate a framed photo showcasing the graduating class, a musician might enjoy a donation to a local music education program in their name, while a writer could be delighted with a first edition book by a literary hero.
  • Locally Sourced Appreciation: Reflect the university's character or the surrounding area. A locally-crafted sculpture or a basket overflowing with regional delicacies adds a personal touch and showcases the spirit of the community.
  • Memories over Material Possessions: Sometimes, experiences create lasting memories. Tickets to a local performance, a day trip to a nearby historical site, or a voucher for a relaxing spa experience can be a welcome change of pace. However, ensure the gift aligns with the speaker's schedule and interests.
  • Present the Speaker with Context: After introducing the speaker, briefly explain the reasoning behind the chosen gift. Did they talk about overcoming challenges? Explain how the locally-crafted sculpture embodies resilience.
  • A Public Acknowledgement of Gratitude: After the speaker's message, present the gift with a heartfelt thank you. Briefly acknowledge their contribution and the impact their words will have on the graduates' journeys.
  • Open the Dialogue: Consider facilitating a brief meet-and-greet session between the speaker and a handful of graduating students. This allows for an exchange of ideas and provides graduates with a unique opportunity to connect with a successful individual.


Here are some examples to illustrate the power of personalized introductions, speeches, and gifts:

  • The Scientist: You could introduce the speaker by mentioning their groundbreaking research that ignited your own passion for science. Present a personalized microscope and a donation to a scientific research foundation in their name.
  • The Business Leader: Briefly highlight their journey as an entrepreneur, emphasizing their lessons learned along the way. Gift them a local art piece depicting innovation and tickets to a relevant industry conference.
  • The Social Activist: Share a story about a social justice movement they championed, then present a beautifully bound journal and a donation to a cause they advocate for.


By weaving together personal introductions, thoughtful gifts, and an acknowledgment of the speaker's contribution, you can elevate the graduation ceremony to a truly memorable experience. It shows respect to the speaker, creates a lasting impression on the graduates, and sets the tone for their future journey. Remember, a graduation ceremony isn't just about endings; it's a vibrant beginning. By employing these strategies, you can ensure that both the speaker and the graduating class leave with a sense of appreciation and a wellspring of inspiration.


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