How Cable and Hose Carriers Can Improve Workplace Safety

April 15, 2024

Walk into many industrial and commercial facilities today and there will be cable and hose carriers. These items have become an essential part of many workplaces, as they help contain electrical cables, hydraulic hoses, pneumatic tubing, and other critical connections while protecting them from harm. Furthermore, they keep workers safe by preventing tripping hazards. The cables and hoses remain safeguarded from abrasion and damage when enclosed in these carriers. How can the use of cable and hose carriers enhance safety in the workplace?

Tripping Hazards

One reason companies invest in Cable Carriers for Various Applications is they want to prevent workers from tripping over the cables and hoses. When electrical cables, hydraulic hoses, and other lines crisscross the floor or hang down from overhead workers must navigate around them. As they do so, they may slip, trip, or fall, which are all common causes of workplace accidents.

While this may not seem like a big deal, any accident is cause for concern. In 2021, 850 people died from a fall at work. People often assume these falls are from heights, but 136 workers died after sustaining injuries in a fall on the same level the previous year. Even those who work a desk job might fall victim to this type of accident, particularly when cables and hoses are left out on walking surfaces. These numbers don't even take into account the number of people who are injured and survive a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident at work. Carriers keep the cables and hoses out of the way, so the risk of these accidents decreases significantly.

Manufacturers make cable and hose carrier systems so they have a low profile. This also helps to reduce the risk of someone tripping. Cable and hoses may be attached to walls or suspended from ceilings with the help of cable trays and raceways, and those are only one of the many options offered today. Research all to find the one that is best for the facility.

Protecting Against Abrasion and Damage

Electrical cables, hydraulic lines, and other critical connections are prone to abrasion, cutting, crushing, and physical damage. They are used under harsh conditions, with heavy machines, and around workers and other equipment. The wear and tear they undergo can lead to damage in little time if they aren't properly protected. Worn, frayed, and cracked cables are a cause for concern. When their integrity is compromised, the risk of downtime increases significantly, as a system failure or leak is just waiting to happen. Workers could also be harmed if the integrity of a cable or hose is compromised.

Cable and hose carriers reduce the risk of this damage. They shield the cables and hoses by encasing them in sturdy, impact-resistant housings. These housings protect them from abrasions, cuts, and being crushed. These systems have smooth edges and contours to protect the cables and hoses from harm. Business owners find the devices last longer and remain in good working condition, which saves them money and the expenses associated with downtime resulting from a failed hose or cable.

Maintaining System Integrity

Maintaining the integrity of systems is critical. Cable and hose carriers can help with this goal. They route and organize connections in a controlled manner. Kinking, tangling, and other types of deformation are avoided. Any deformation can compromise the performance and safety of the system.

When a hydraulic hose, for example, has a kink or a twist, fluids cannot flow freely. Pressure increases, heat builds up, and the hose or cable might suffer a catastrophic failure. The carrier prevents this from happening by keeping the lines straight and properly aligned. Fluids will flow unimpeded, and the risk of a system malfunction declines. When business owners use carriers with electrical systems, there is less chance of a short circuit or electrical fault resulting from contact between the wires.

Cable carriers increase workplace safety. Equipment and machinery will function as intended, and overall productivity will increase. Everyone benefits when this is the case.

Improved Visibility and Organization

Cable carriers make it easy to see cables and hoses while keeping them organized. Cables and hoses that sit haphazardly on the floor create visual clutter. This clutter prevents workers from seeing walkways, hazards, and emergency equipment. They won't be able to navigate the area safely and identify sources of danger.

The carriers contain the hoses, cables, and tubing to increase visibility and provide workers with more spatial awareness. Crowded and complex settings need these carriers to ensure workers can see emergency equipment clearly if disaster strikes. They can identify hazards, which helps avoid disasters before they occur.

Color-coded and labeled carriers also make it easy to differentiate between the various systems and connections. When troubleshooting or maintaining a machine, the labels and colors help them. They can safely and efficiently carry out the maintenance or complete needed repairs.

Many cable and hose carrier systems are designed to be interchangeable. Modular systems make it easy to remove, replace, and reconfigure individual components as needed. Doing so may streamline maintenance and repair workflows. Employees will spend less time carrying out maintenance tasks and more time on things that generate revenue. At the same time, their exposure to energized electrical systems or pressurized hydraulic lines is minimized, which helps keep them safe from harm.

Once business owners see the benefits of investing in cable and hose carriers, they quickly become essential purposes. The only drawback to these devices is the initial purchase price. However, these funds are quickly recouped in the form of increased safety and productivity.  By proactively addressing these safety considerations, cable and hose carriers help to create a more secure, efficient, and resilient work environment for all employees.

Industries continue to evolve but workplace safety will always be a top priority. As more employers see the benefits of these devices, they will become a fixture in industrial and commercial settings everywhere. Workers also appreciate seeing these devices, as they show the employer is committed to keeping them safe. This purchase is a cost-effective way to increase overall safety in the workplace along with operational excellence.


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