How To Install Kitchen Hardware & Handles For A Polished Finish

April 25, 2024

Whenever you decide to make your kitchen more attractive and better, it is necessary to follow the smallest things including kitchen hardware. These little things impact a lot to make the kitchen more furnished and appealing. Although these things are not compulsory, they change the vibe of the entire kitchen and make it stylish.

In this article, we guide you on installing kitchen hardware to enhance its look and make it more appealing. If you are serious about updating your kitchen appearance, keep reading this guide to learn How to install kitchen hardware and handles for a polished finish.

Guide To Install Kitchen Hardware & Handles

To start the hardware installation process, you need to make a proper plan to achieve the recommended result. First, do a proper assessment of your kitchen like what things are necessary to add and what outdated things need to be removed to maintain the good vibes of the kitchen.

Then analyze whether the installed hardware matches the existing hardware of the kitchens. Once you are sure the upcoming installation hardware is properly matched with the previously installed hardware, it's time to measure the places and mark the hardware pieces. It helps to maintain the alignment of the device.

Overview of the Installation Process

To get the desired result, you have to follow the necessary steps. You have to remove all the old hardware to avoid surface damage. Now clean the surface gently before applying new hardware. Now must ensure that the newly installed hardware matches in terms of functionality and styles.

Measure that specific area and mark them to place the hardware pieces. Make the holes with the help of drill machines to fix the hardware. You should be assured that the hardware must attach firmly to a proper line. Once you have completed all necessary tasks, double-check the process for its neatness. If it looks weird, re-align it until you get a satisfactory result. Not but not least, must ensure that the hardware is fitted properly at the right place and does not loosely fit at all. Follow the preparation guide for starting the process. If you are still unsure about the installation process, you can contact Kitchen contractors nyc to get the premium service at your doorsteps.


Get ready with all the necessary tools and plans that help to transform your dull and old kitchen hardware into new ones. Here are these necessary points.

  • Remove all the outdated hardware and clean that surface properly.
  • Now choose the new hardware with the same functionality and styles and mark it according to the place.
  • Use the drill machine to make holes so that you can fully fix them in the desired area. You have to ensure that the hardware does not remain loose at all.

Remove Old Hardware

In the next step, take off all the outdated hardware by avoiding damage with the help of tools like screwdrivers etc. When you remove the older one, holes are remaining behind it. Fill these old holes using putty or wood filler. Sand it down to maintain its smoothness once it dries. Before installing the new hardware, must ensure that the old hardware must be cleaned properly from dirt and grease.

Installing New Hardware and Handles

Here we reached the installation process to look appealing and attractive. You have to decide which method is good to attach new hardware from screw or adhesive. You can take ideas from the template to fit the hardware at the right spot. They ensure that everything will be aligned properly with proper balance. In the end, must ensure that the hardware is fitted properly and does not lose

Finishing Touches

  • Check the hardware from the inside out to ensure that it does not lose at all from any corners or holes. If you find anything loose, you must tighten it to ensure safety.
  • Clean the excessive material by polishing it to give a smooth finish. You can use a soft cloth or a suitable cleaner to remove the additional adhesive or dirt.

Tips For Installing Kitchen Hardware & Handles For A Polished Finish

  • Get Helps From Guide: You can get assistance from the guide book on how to fill and drill the holes at the exact right spot for professional look installation.
  • Avoid Fatigue & Maintain Focus: It is a challenging task to install hardware accurately. So, you must have to take a rest to maintain your focus and recharge your energy. Keep your entire focus on the installation process.
  • Use the Right Tools While Installing: Keep all the necessary tools in your hands during the installation process to avoid any kind of interruption and complete the process more smoothly and efficiently. Must ensure that you have a good-quality drill, screwdriver or other necessary tools.
  • Double Check Measurement: Before fitting the hardware, ensure that your measurement is accurate and you have marked it correctly. Remeasure the place and hardware if you are double the size of the hardware.


It is beneficial to install the kitchen hardware to enhance the appearance and functionality of the kitchen. You can follow all the above steps to get a polished finish. You have to maintain your attention and planning to the process to achieve the desired result. Some attributes of new hardware must be matched with the existing one like functionality, styles and design.

Don't hesitate to use the given tips to get a more polished and furnished result. Follow this article to transform your older kitchen design into a new appealing one with confidence by getting satisfactory results.


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