April 8, 2024

When Google penalizes you for not handling your linkable assets properly, it can be a big setback for your website. Google is the largest search engine in the world, and they have pretty stringent guidelines to uphold the integrity of their results. So, let’s have a look at how you can recover from a Google SEO penalty in 2024 because if search engine guidelines are violated through unethical link practices, Google’s response can be swift, and the consequences can be quite severe. It would help if you focused on how to buy high quality backlinks in your SEO strategy.

Linkable Assets: everything you need to know

What are linkable assets? Essentially, they are pieces of content or visual assets or features of your website that organically attract backlinks. For example, a key piece of research data with a concise infographic might be a unique, linkable asset that plays an integral role in your SEO strategy. It can boost your Google search engine ranking and help you establish a strong online presence. But what if you are acquiring links to your assets through unethical methods that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines?

What are Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?

Essentially there are three main guidelines you want to adhere to when acquiring backlinks and creating your content. They are:

  • Your pages need to be accessible and discoverable to Google’s crawler (that’s a program or ‘spider’ used to scan websites, called Googlebot)
  • Your page needs to be live.
  • You need to have meaningful text that doesn’t violate guidelines around quality.

What happens if you violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?

Doing things such as buying links, cramming content with keywords, or using automated programs to create backlinks to your website can lead to a penalty. What are these Google penalties in 2024? Well, they can be anything from a decrease in search ranking for specific keywords that are within your competitive niche or a complete removal of your website from Google’s search index, and this can have dire consequences for your business.

How to recover from a drop in your ranking

First of all, it’s important to identify exactly what the reason was behind your ranking drop penalty. Were you stuffing keywords into your blogs and creating spammy content? Were you buying backlinks from unethical sources, leading to unnatural links? Whatever the reason, once you identify it, you need to analyze the issue and quickly rectify it. Improve your site content, create quality SEO-rich text, and also ensure you remove any unethical links.

Get help with your SEO strategy.

A professional agency with the experience and understanding of Google Webmaster Guidelines is a must in this competitive, fast-paced digital world. A company such as Perfect Link Building UK knows exactly how to create a robust link-building profile while still adhering to Google guidelines. Click here to learn more about linkable assets.


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