Improve your Ludo game with this guide: Tactics, tips, et al

April 20, 2024

Board games have always been the core of hearty evenings, light banters, and sweet memories. Ludo is a perfect example that acts as the social glue in holidays, vacations, festivals, etc. Bringing friends and families on board and creating a healthy, competitive environment for fun is what Ludo is all about. These days, you can play this classic board game online to win cash rewards. Millions of players worldwide are ready to join a public room online and compete for those rewards. If you have avid Ludo skills, this is the right place to showcase and win. Here is a comprehensive guide that will uplift your game to a considerable extent.

Understanding a Ludo Variant: The First Step

The first step to professional Ludo is finding the correct variant to invest your time and skills. Focus on how the chosen Ludo variant is designed. Here are the tips to help you unveil the secret winning tactics later.

The board layout

These days, a Ludo game is designed for a shorter period than the conventional one. In this aspect, the board layout might differ from the worldwide traditional design. Hence, check the layout first, as it will impact framing winning strategies.

Ludo rules

The rules of a Ludo game will depend on the variant, too. For instance, players may be unable to capture the tokens while moving. A winner is decided based on the number of spaces moved using a limited number of moves. On the contrary, a variant may consider rewarding bonus points to players who have captured opponents’ tokens. Sometimes, rolling a six may offer another bonus turn.

Players involved in the variant

This classic board game generally engages two to four players at a time. Considering the board layout, some Ludo variants can add up to six players. Hence, the strategy for the four-player Ludo will differ entirely from the six-player one.

Special blocks or spaces

The modern Ludo versions often add special places on the board layout to add a twist to the traditional game. The gameplay turns out more interesting when there are safe zones, shortcuts, and penalty spaces. The presence of these special blocks will entirely change the Ludo strategy. It will also insist on keeping your strategy flexible to accommodate contemporary situations.

Winning conditions

The traditional Ludo decides a winner who has successfully deposited his four tokens in the HOME section. In some variants, this age-old convention might not be the scene. Hence, you must follow the scoring system to identify the winning conditions. For instance, moving more spaces will add more points. Capturing tokens will also add bonus points. Sometimes, you might win by taking only one token in the final section before anyone does. Hence, understanding the wining conditions will decide the outcomes exceptionally.

Ludo Tactics for Developing Winning Strategies

You now have a comprehensive idea of keenly studying a Ludo variant. Once done, you will choose a Ludo app to play this variant and develop your skills. In this journey, your prime aim is to design a winning strategy that will assist you in winning all the online matches. Here is a list of winning tips straight from the tables of experts to help you do so.

Unlock tokens faster

Try to unlock all the tokens assigned to you by rolling a six. Don’t aim to jump-start and concentrate on one token only. Always keep the first token, followed by the rest. Move them one after the other to capture the corners of a Ludo board to your advantage. Even if one token is captured, you can still move the rest and hope to roll another six.

Spread the tokens all over the Ludo board

If you are playing conventional Ludo, spread tokens over the board as early as possible. It helps you to keep controlling the board movements of other players. Remember, there are safe zones scattered in proper intervals on the board. Use them wisely and store your tokens to restrict opponents from moving their tokens.

Focus on the scoring system

Moving the tokens as fast as possible if you are playing a speed Ludo variant. The scoring system depends on the spaces in which you have moved your tokens in a limited number of moves. If you are playing a blitz version, capturing others’ tokens will deliver a bonus. Here, controlling the entire board with scattered tokens will be ideal.

Block opponents

The best way to block opponents is by holding your position in the safe zones. But there is a catch. If there are two tokens of the opponent in a safe zone, you can’t control the outcomes. Hence, take your tokens to the right place and play skillfully to block opponents. Don’t take too long to intercept the opponents and misuse your moves. Consider judging the situation and make moves accordingly.

Don’t keep your tokens closer to each other

Keeping your tokens closer to each other might turn out to be a disaster. Imagine your two tokens are closer on the track, not in a safe zone. An opponent will get a golden chance to capture both of them consecutively. Maintain a gap of at least 14 spaces between your tokens to avoid mishaps.

Maintain seven spaces from opponents’ tokens

The thumb rule for playing Ludo is maintaining seven spaces at least from the opponent’s tokens. If the opponents are chasing your tokens, try maintaining this distance to avoid mishaps. Remember, an opponent must roll a six or more to capture your token.

Protect high-scoring tokens

Always protect high-scoring tokens and take them to the final destination as early as possible. Keep an eye on the tokens delivering higher scores and defend them at any cost. If you see that your premature tokens are in danger, sacrifice one to protect the higher scorers.

Verdict: Become a Professional Ludo Player!

You now have a comprehensive guide to becoming a professional Ludo player online. Follow these tactics to strengthen and improve your winning strategy in this board game. Keep practising this game online with real players and learn from your mistakes. Take your time to find out the best moves for a particular situation and emerge as a winner every time you play Ludo.


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