League of Legends: Names with Special Characters

April 29, 2024

Every player wants to stand out on the Rift. Some players stand out because of their amazing skills, some of them because of their amazing skins, and others because of their positive character. However, one of the coolest ways to impress your teammates, even before the game starts, is to have a unique summoner name that stands out. That being said, more often than not, players that want to create a brand new smurf account or rename their existing one run into a problem. The problem is that a lot of cool summoner names are already taken in the players’ respective regions. Luckily, there is a way to avoid that and it’s by using special characters.


What are the special characters and how to find them

Whether you know about the usage of special characters in LoL name creation or not, you’ve definitely encountered summoners with these names before.

Special characters are symbols that aren’t integrated into the regular English alphabet or the regular numeric system. In League of Legends, special characters are mostly used to create a cool-looking summoner name or a unique summoner name that hasn’t already been taken.

You’ve undoubtedly seen a strange character in someone’s name like “à” or you’ve seen their in-game chat bug out when they try to type and show boxes instead of their summoner names. These are the most notable signs that you’re playing with a summoner that used special symbols to style up their summoner name.

Are special characters safe to use?

Before reading the article through, keep in mind that special characters are completely safe to use in your summoner name and Riot has officially stated that they won’t ban or restrict any players that use them in any capacity.

Your summoner name just has to follow the Riot’s guidelines of conduct (not using Riot in your name, offensive words, and slurs, etc.) and you’re good to go.

Character Map

The most convenient and widely-used place to find the special symbols is Windows’ in-built character map. It provides you with a wide array of special characters that you can use when adjusting your username. The Character Map program is installed on every Windows OS, Linux, or Mac by default, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble accessing it.

How to use and access the character map

The easiest way to access the Character Map is by searching it up in the Windows search bar or manually by doing these steps:

  • Open your default disk where your Windows OS is installed (usually C:)
  • C: (or your default disk name)\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\System Tools
  • Open the Character Map application

Once you’ve successfully opened the Character map, simply choose the character you want to copy and either press the copy button or the CTRL-C command. Afterward, you can paste it manually or by using CTRL-V and use it wherever you want.


Use our list of special characters

Using the Character Map when picking the symbol you want to utilize in your summoner name has a disadvantage though. In the past, Riot was very lenient as far as symbol usage goes and you could use almost every symbol you’ve wanted. Nowadays, you can only use a fraction of the symbols you could’ve used before. In order to save you the trouble of finding which symbols are eligible to be used, we’ve listed and categorized all of the symbols you can use when creating your summoner name.



 Special symbols   ª º ß ˆ ˇ ˉ fi fl µ μ
 Special lowercase letters àáâãäåæçùúûüèéêëìíîïþÿąćęıłńœśšźżžƒðñòóôõöøý


Pros of using special characters

Username availability

As we mentioned, the main advantage of using special characters in your name is being able to get the summoner name you were craving for. Since there are over 150 million registered  LoL users as of today, securing the username you were craving is becoming increasingly difficult with each passing day. By using special characters, you’re almost guaranteed to be able to get the summoner name you were going for, no matter if there is a summoner that already has it on your server. Additionally, if you’re a one-trick, by using special characters you can have the name of your favorite champion as your summoner name. A lot of players want their summoner name to be the champion they love the most, but those names are impossible to obtain. By doing this, you can finally be named Bàrd, while playing Bard, with a Bard Bard skin!


Creativity and standing out

One of the biggest advantages when it comes to having a name that has these cool symbols is the fact that you’ll stand out and be noticed from the moment you enter the champion select or the loading screen. If you’re using a combination of these symbols you might disguise yourself as a mysterious smurf while attracting attention and gaining respect from your teammates. Additionally, these symbols incite creativity and you’ll certainly come up with a much cooler name when renaming your account.


Looking cooler than other players

Last but not least, by using these symbols you’ll just look cooler and feel more confident than your average Joe. At the end of the day, SÀSÙKÉ just looks better than Sasuke. It’s non-debatable, don’t @ me.



In conclusion, using special characters is something you should definitely try out if you’re renaming your account or creating a new smurf. If you’re looking for a valuable account with fresh MMR at very low prices where you can try these special characters, make sure to check out our offer of premium smurf accounts on our website. With hundreds of satisfied customers under our belt, we assure you that we’re your #1 destination for the best at turbosmurfs..

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