Real Estate Agents: Dominate the Hot Spring Housing Market with These Strategies

April 22, 2024

Spring is here, bringing with it warmer temperatures, blooming flowers - and a hot real estate market. As you may know, spring and summer are traditionally the busiest times of the year for the housing market and real estate agents. Home sellers remain braced up to get a "For Sale" sign in their front yard and homebuyers are eager to settle in their new home before the school year starts. Real estate agents who want to take the best advantage of this hot market must revamp and refresh their business strategies as soon as the spring season starts.

Below are eight strategies to help real estate agents make the most of the spring real estate market. Take a look at each one to determine which ones will work best for you and your real estate brokerage.

Eight Strategies to Ready Yourself for the Spring Real Estate Market

Set Your Goals for the Warmer Months

Did you skip setting goals for your real estate business at the start of the year? Then, now may be a great time to get working on those goals as you head into the peak seasons of the housing market. And in case you did set your goals for 2024, revisit those goals and adjust them depending on the state of the early spring housing market.

Here are some examples of goals you can set for the spring and summer season-

  • “Close X number of deals in the spring and summer housing market.”
  • “Work with X homebuyers and X home sellers this season.”
  • “Follow up with X leads per week from March to August.”

Optimise Your Website to Give It a Leg Up in Search Engine Rankings

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 100% of recent homebuyers used the Internet at some point in their home search process. This means that if your real estate website isn’t ranking well in search results, your real estate brokerage will be missing out on a massive chunk of potential clients in Mississauga.

To make your website rank higher in Google search results, you can -

  • Identify relevant keywords with high search volume and low competition and use these keywords naturally throughout your website content without over-stuffing.
  • Search engines and real estate clients prefer websites with faster loading times. So, if your website’s loading speed is too slow, go for a more straightforward web design.
  • Make sure your real estate website offers a seamless experience across all devices, especially mobiles.
  • Get backlinks from high-authority websites in the real estate industry or local community websites.
  • Regularly update your website with fresh and valuable content to keep visitors engaged and show activity to search engines.

Spruce Up Your Social Media Profiles for Spring

One easy and effective way to put a little spring in your real estate business is to give your social media profiles a refresh. Remember to update both your social media profiles and those of the real estate brokerage you work for.

You can change your Facebook cover photo, pick a new profile picture, or “spring-ify” your brand logo. Don't forget to update your albums with pictures of homes you sold last spring and summer, and ones that are currently on the market.

This is also a good time to start posting regularly across social media platforms if you haven’t been doing it so far. Create short-form videos like YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels to reach a wider audience and share information in an engaging way. Through these videos, you can showcase property listings and share tips for homebuyers & sellers, neighbourhood highlights, or market updates.

Freshen Up Your Email Marketing Campaigns

You may already have an email drip campaign to nurture leads and build relationships with clients. If your real estate email drip campaign is automated, chances are that you haven’t checked it for some time. So, this spring season, remember to freshen up your email marketing campaigns to better connect with your real estate clients.

No, you don’t have to start planning and writing the email marketing content from scratch. Just take a look at what worked and didn’t work in your old email drip campaign. Check which real estate marketing emails received the highest open rates and which emails had the most click-throughs. Based on this, strategize a better email campaign for the spring and summer real estate markets.

Dedicate Time to Finding New Real Estate Leads

More homebuyers will be actively searching for their dream home as we move further into the spring and summer seasons. So, real estate agents, get ahead by connecting with these motivated buyers early in the season and maximize your chances of closing successful deals.

Apart from applying the above-mentioned strategies to find new real estate leads, you can try out these hacks -

  • Sponsor local events or partner with businesses frequented by potential homebuyers like home improvement stores and mortgage lenders.
  • Network actively at local business meetings and community events.
  • Ask the past clients of your real estate brokerage for referrals.
  • Host well-organised open houses for new listings in desirable locations to attract potential clients.

Check If Your Homebuying Clients Are Ready to Compete

Next, it’s crucial to check in with any homebuyers who have already committed to working with you in the coming months. Take time to explain to them how they need to be competitive in the busy housing market.

Make sure the home-buying client has talked to a mortgage lender and got a pre-approval. You also need to start suggesting property listings based on their needs, preferences, and budget so that they can become a homeowner before the home prices hit their peak.

Assign Tasks to Sellers to Prepare for the Spring Real Estate Market

After you check with your homebuying clients, do the same thing with sellers. You should advise the home-aselling clients on how to get ready to list their property during the peak home-buying and selling season.

Ask them to make small fixes and strategic renovations around the house so that they can command a higher asking price. Have them talk to a professional staging company in your network to make their property look visually appealing. Set up a time for them to work with the photographer of your real estate brokerage to get property listing photos taken.

Rest and Recharge

Lastly, it is absolutely important to take some time to rest and recharge before the housing market hits its peak. Once the peak season begins, you won’t be able to rest as often. With that in mind, make sure you schedule some time to relax in the midst of preparing for the hot housing market.

We hope with the help of the above strategies, you can ramp up your business, get yourself a lot of real estate clients, and close deals in the spring housing market. Good luck!


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