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Candles, those soothing charmers of your space have evolved immensely. From simple light sources to the pillar of décor, they bring warmth, cosiness and grace to any space. In this variety-rich candle universe, you get lots of options to choose from. No matter whether you love the modern simplicity of LED candles, the old-world sophistication of pillar candles or the chic utility of jar candles is unputdownable. Each type adds its special touches. Ranging from the simplicity of underplayed designs to the grandeur of ornate schemes rising to seize the senses, the stage of candles becomes a panorama in which your personality can become the leading figure. Here, we set out on a voyage of discovery in order to uncover the hidden truths of achieving candles decoration. Where every candle turns into a work of art, the dancing flames become strokes of the paintbrush of the atmosphere.


What are some of the creative ideas for decorating with candles?


Mix Different Sizes:

Use both tall and small candles. It looks interesting and pretty.

Change Colours for Seasons:

In spring, go for bright candles. In summer, use refreshing colours. In the fall, use warm colours. In winter, use cool colours. It's like giving your home a facelift with each season.

Add Nature Things:

Surround your candles with pebbles, shells or small plants. It's like a bit of nature brought in.

Use Cool Holders:

Use more than basic holders. Although you may get ones with ancient shapes or those that are too modern, remember the interesting, cool, modern ones.

Let Candles Float:

Put candles into the bowl of water. It's like small lineups for your candles.

Make Candles Personal:

Give your personal touch with labels on your candles. You can write dates, quotes, or draw whatever you like.

Try Lanterns:

Lanterns are like houses for candles. They make your candles feel special.

Pick Colors on Purpose:

Choose colours that go well together. It makes your home look more organised and nice.

Use Shelves for Candles:

Put candles on shelves with other things you like. It's a cool way to show off your candles.

Use Candles That Don't Drip:

Messy candles could be more fun. Use candles that don't make a mess and keep your home clean.

Put Candles on Walls:

Wall-mounted candle holders are cool. They make your walls look stylish.

Try Terrariums:

Put candles in glass containers with sand and small plants. It's a modern and pretty idea.

Use Different Shapes:

Pillar candles are nice, but try candles in cool shapes like spirals or squares.

Play with Shadows:

Move your candles to create interesting shadows on your walls. It's like making art with light.

Use Three Candles Together:

Put three candles of different sizes and styles together. It looks great in the middle of a table.

Make Wreaths for Candles:

Use greenery, flowers, or herbs to make pretty rings around your pillar candles.

Stack Candles in Colours:

Put candles of the same size on top of each other in different colours. It looks like a colourful tower.

Put Candles in Surprising Places:

Try putting candles in unexpected places, like your bathroom or bookshelf. It will make your home cosy.

Make Art with Candles:

Arrange your candles to create designs, like hearts or zig zags.


What are the types of candles used?


LED Candles:

Overview: LED candles are like modern, tech-savvy versions of regular candles.

Key Features:

Flame-Free Wonder: LED candles are safer without an actual flame, making them great around kids and pets.

Battery Power: They run on batteries, eliminating worries about wax spills and allowing flexible placement.

Remote Control Magic: Some advanced LED candles come with remote controls, letting you control the ambience from a distance.


Pillar Candles:

Overview: Pillar candles are classic, sturdy, and cylindrical, making a simple yet bold statement.

Key Features:

Versatility Central: Available in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to create unique candle arrangements.

Endurance Test: Due to their size, pillar candles burn for a longer time compared to smaller candles.

No Jar, No Fuss: Unlike jar candles, they stand alone without needing a container.


Wax-Filled Jar Candles:

Overview: Wax-filled jar candles offer a cosy aesthetic, nestled in glass jars for warmth and charm.

Key Features:

Containment Strategy: The glass jar protects against wax spills, ensuring a tidy burn.

Scent-national: Many jar candles come with delightful fragrances, letting you choose scents to match your mood.

Storage Ease: Easy to stow away when not in use, as the jar serves both aesthetic and practical purposes.


What factors should you check before buying online candles?


Identify Your Preferences:

· Consider the type of candles you want (LED, pillar, jar, etc.).

· Decide on the size, colour, and scent (if applicable).

Select a Reputable Online Retailer:

· Choose a trustworthy online store.

Research more:

· Use search filters or categories to narrow down your options.

· Read product descriptions and customer reviews for insights.

Check Product Details:

· Look for information on materials, dimensions, burn time, and any additional features.

· Confirm the quantity if buying in sets or packs.

Shipping Information:

· Check shipping costs and delivery times.

· Review the return policy and terms in case you need to return or exchange the candles.

Secure Payment:

Make sure the website is secure for payment.

Customer Service:

Check if the online store has reliable customer service.


Summary - Candles are not just for light. They make homes look nice and cosy. You can choose different types like LED candles, pillar candles, or jar candles. Each type is special. You can also be creative with candles. Mix different sizes, use cool holders, or even make your labels. Decorating with candles is like painting with light!

Pure Home + Living (PHL) has a good stock of candles. They make homes feel warm and look good. So, pick the candles you like, make your home cosy, and enjoy the warm feeling they bring!


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