Unlocking The Top 3 Ways To Find Perfect Incontinence Solutions

April 24, 2024



Incontinence is more common than you can imagine, affecting people of all backgrounds. Although it's often perceived to affect women primarily, that's partially true. Women tend to have higher chances of suffering from incontinence than men, but men also face incontinence from various issues, including prostate surgery.


Something that everyone can agree on is that incontinence is pretty stigmatized, and it has negative impacts on one's quality of life. The discomfort is accompanied by a lot of other damages like reduced self-confidence that can make patients isolate themselves, which is detrimental to their mental health. It also affects your productivity at work and prevents you from engaging in certain activities, especially when access to restrooms is limited.


Finding practical solutions for handling incontinence is important. But, it's often treated as a taboo, which makes it hard for those newly diagnosed to get help. This guide will help you manage it efficiently. Read on to learn more!

Top 3 Methods to Identify Effective Incontinence Management Remedies

1. Researching: Understand Incontinence and Available Solutions


Incontinence can occur in urine or fecal leakage. However, urinary incontinence is the most common problem affecting millions of adults. Depending on its cause, this type of incontinence can occur differently. Understanding it is the best approach to finding a suitable solution.


Weak pelvic floor muscles often cause stress incontinence. Exercising, coughing, and smoking can also trigger this incontinence due to pressure exerted on the bladder. In women, it usually results from childbirth and pregnancy.


There are more types of incontinence, including functional, mixed, overflow, urge, and reflex. Generally, they can be caused by a range of issues such as constipation, alcohol, certain medications, nerve damage, aging, and nervous system damage.


Fortunately, many products can manage incontinence, but each suits a certain condition. For heavy incontinence, disposable briefs for adults are perfect as they have a remarkable capacity of up to 2.6 liters, making them suitable for bedridden people. Plus, they are latex-free and odor-free, which means more comfort and makes them less noticeable.


Apart from briefs, there are pads and liners and disposable pull-on underwear. The pull-ons resemble regular underwear, hence suitable for heavy leaks. Pads and liners are slimmer and worn inside the underwear to manage light leaks.


But beyond style, there are other products such as bed pads, washable underwear, reusable pads/liners, protective creams, and odor control products. Still, there are many products to choose from, so what qualities do you consider when picking a suitable product? Let's look at them.

Choosing the Right Product for Incontinence for Management


Just like wearing a shoe or outfit that doesn't fit, wearing the wrong incontinence control product isn't pleasant. So, how do you strike a balance for the best product? Here are the tips on what to look for:


  1. Brand reputation: Go for high-quality incontinence products designed with users in mind. Check manufacturer's reviews online and ask for recommendations for the best product.
  2. Absorption capacity: Your experience with leakage should guide you in picking a product with the right absorption capacity. Consider your fluid intake, changing frequency, etc.
  3. Material: The choice of material largely affects comfort. Choose a soft, breathable, and odor-free material for more comfort and skin care.
  4. Size: To prevent discomfort and leakage, look for a product that fits you well. Avoid too-tight or oversized products. That means starting with accurate waist, hip, and weight measurements.
  5. Ease of use: If you have mobility challenges or need to change your clothes frequently, you need an easy product to put on and remove.
  6. Cost: Depending on the severity of your condition, choose an affordable product that balances your desired features.


Generally, choosing the right product narrows down to your personal needs. You need a product that solves your leakage problem comfortably without much workload to lead a quality life.

2. Seek The Assistance of A Professional


Despite how uncomfortable talking to a doctor might seem, the surest way to manage incontinence is to start by assessing your condition and lifestyle. Only through this approach can you get a plan that works.


Remember, not all solutions are suitable for your condition. Additionally, incontinence might be a sign of an underlying and more severe illness. The assessment will help reveal the symptoms, change frequency, and toilet use. With the help of your doctors, you can develop a personalized care plan to keep incontinence under control.


Once you begin your journey, you need to go for checkups routinely to evaluate improvements and readjust your plan.

3. Make Personal Lifestyle Changes


Managing urinary incontinence requires understanding its triggers. It could be due to stress or applying pressure on the bladder, like when you sneeze or laugh. Once you identify the trigger, you become more careful to avoid them.


Adjusting your lifestyle is a great way to manage incontinence because it's cheaper and has few side effects. The well-known lifestyle triggers of incontinence are smoking and alcohol consumption, obesity, too much caffeine, fluid intake, constipation, and being inactive.


Alcohol, soda, and caffeine are excellent for stimulating your body. However, they can irritate the bladder, worsening incontinence. Besides, most have diuretic effects in that the more you drink, the higher the urination frequency. Additionally, they play a role in dehydration, leading to more concentrated urine, which isn't suitable for continence.


Instead, eating the right food free of irritants will help stop the leaks. Some foods to avoid include sugar, citrus fruit, and chocolate. Switching to healthier options like vegetables, legumes, cereals, and non-citrus fruits is advisable to minimize constipation.




Making necessary adjustments, like adding pelvic exercises to your routine and avoiding heavy weights or strenuous activities that mount pressure on the pelvic muscles, weakening them and increasing innocence, can help.


Also, practice relaxation using meditation, mindfulness, deep breathing, and yoga stretches to calm your mind and reduce the stress and anxiety that accompany incontinence.



Life with incontinence is far from normal. However, you can improve the situation using these three methods. It starts with a thorough assessment to understand the type of incontinence you suffer from and find an appropriate solution. It's important to consult a professional for a customized treatment approach and advice.


Finally, you need to make lifestyle changes by switching to more beneficial practices, such as exercising, eating, and avoiding certain foods and drinks, to improve your condition. Remember, the goal is to make living with incontinence less stressful. So, avoiding engaging in activities that counter the benefits of incontinence products is important.



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