Why Are Plantation Shutters Superior to Traditional Shutters?

April 23, 2024


Why Do Plantation Shutters Reign Supreme in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas boasts an array of stunning homes. And with more and more Hollywood elites moving into the city, homeowners are becoming more style conscious than ever before.

When it comes to window treatments, residents prioritize both style and functionality. Here at Best Buy Shutters, the only Las Vegas company manufacturing, installing, and servicing our shutters directly to you, we understand the unique needs of your desert oasis home. Today, we delve into the world of window shutters, specifically comparing traditional shutters to superiorly optioned plantation shutters.

Why Traditional Shutters Are a Classic Look with Limitations.

Traditional shutters, like the ones often seen in colonial-style homes, evoke a sense of history and charm. They typically feature:

  • Smaller Louvers: Traditional shutters have narrower louvers which limit light control and air circulation. This might not be ideal for Las Vegas' scorching summers.
  • Limited Functionality: Many traditional shutters are screwed into place and offer an all-or-nothing approach to light control. This reduces your ability to fine-tune the look, feel, and functionality of your rooms throughout the day.
  • Material Limitations: Traditional shutters are primarily made from wood, which makes them susceptible to warping, fading, and cracking in Las Vegas' dry climate.

How Did Plantation Shutters Update Style?

Plantation shutters originally came out of the grand Southern mansions of the 18th century. Back before the invention of air conditioning, dwellers in the stifling humid heat of the southeast became inventive at perfecting ways to control incoming heat. What they developed became a popular choice for modern homes. Here's why plantation shutters surpass traditional shutters:

  • Wider Louvers: Plantation shutters boast wider louvers. They offer superior ways to control incoming light and radiant heat. You can adjust the louver angle to create a filtered light effect, perfect for Las Vegas' bright days. In the evening, close the louvers completely for privacy and a stylistic touch of elegance.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Plantation shutters are usually hinged. This allows you to swing them entirely open for unobstructed views and maximum air circulation.
  • Material Superiority: Best Buy Shutters offers a superior, patented product, PolyCel©. Our exclusive product outperforms shutters made from wood, faux wood, poly, plastic, and aluminum. Nothing resists warping, fading, or cracking better. And PolyCel© retards heat transference better than any of the above.

What Is the Aesthetic Edge for Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters go beyond practicality and contribute significantly to the aesthetics of your Las Vegas home:

  • Timeless Appeal: Plantation shutters add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any style of home, from modern minimalist to classical and traditional.
  • Increased Value: Plantation shutters are considered a high-end window treatment. That means the resale value of your Las Vegas property increases.
  • Customizable Style: Best Buy Shutters offers a variety of louver sizes, frame styles, hardware, and finishes to perfectly complement your existing décor.

What Are the Advantages of Best Buy Shutters?

At Best Buy Shutters, we take pride in being your ONLY one-stop shop for Las Vegas' finest plantation shutters. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Local Manufacturing: We manufacture our shutters right here in Las Vegas. That means you get the finest quality without waiting. Our superior quality control and customization options are endless.
  • Expert Installation: Our experienced installation team is made up of employees. We do not outsource installations. We are with you every step of the way from design, construction, installation, and service after the sale. We will flawlessly install your shutters and ensure a perfect fit with optimal functionality.
  • Ultimate Warranty: We stand behind our work with an industry leading warranty on craftsmanship and materials. You will have peace of mind for as long as you own our shutters.

Your Vision and Our Expertise Makes Your Home Your Castle.

Las Vegans deserve window treatments that are as stylish as they are functional. Plantation shutters from Best Buy Shutters offer the perfect blend of light control, privacy, and timeless elegance, making them the superior choice for your desert home. Contact Best Buy Shutters today for a free consultation and let us transform your windows into stunning focal points in your Las Vegas oasis.


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