5 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Watch

May 17, 2024

Wearing a stylish and premium quality watch is the best way to pull together a modern, sophisticated, and charming look. But are your watches doing this right?

Whether you are wearing formal attire or are ready to head out for a casual event, wearing a watch can significantly make a difference in how you look. For centuries now, watches have been perceived as a classic accessory that exudes elegance and class without overpowering a person’s presence. They help add more depth and character to your outfit, regardless of the event. However, an incorrect selection of watches can make it challenging to create a powerful look, making it crucial to have a strategic approach when purchasing them.

Here are the key things to keep in mind when buying watches:

1. How it makes you feel

Buying a watch merely because you have to will often lead to purchases you might not be happy with. The accessory is regarded as a symbol of commitment and a growth mindset, making it essential that you invest in a watch that makes you feel the true essence of it.

For instance, Hamilton watches symbolize distinctiveness, precision, and versatility. They can be paired with any formal and informal outfit to create a contemporary look that fits the theme of the occasion. These aspects matter as they contribute to making you feel confident.

Merely buying a watch will do you no good; instead, focus on identifying what draws your attention and naturally aligns with your style.

2. The ease of maintenance

Over time, most watches need lubrication, regulation, and repairs to ensure they work smoothly; however, if your current watch is constantly breaking down or not working correctly, it’s a sign you need a change.

No one wants to own an undependable watch that requires frequent repairs and is challenging to keep in good condition despite taking all the precautions.

Opt for sturdy watches that can withstand the test of time, are reliable, and do not require extensive maintenance routine.

3. Style and design

Whether it’s a limited edition watch or part of a theme collection, choosing a watch that matches your style and design is essential to prevent buyer’s remorse. Pay close attention to the detailing on the dial, the metal finish on the buckles, and the quality of the strap.

In the case of leather straps, opting for dark colors like tan, shades of brown, and black will increase styling flexibility. For metal bands, mesh or solid bracelet styles are versatile and can fit any occasion.

It is worth noting that metal and leather straps are interchangeable as long as the width of the replacement strap can securely hold the dial in place. If opting for watches with artwork, adhere to wearing them on casual occasions.

4. Ease of use

The best part of owning a luxury watch is that it is designed to be sophisticated and highly functional. However, every person is different, and so is their ability to understand how the watch functions.

Investing in a watch that offers a wide range of features will surely make you feel happy and satisfied with the purchase, but if it becomes too complex, it will become challenging to get used to it. Also, as the functionality of luxury watches increases, they shift to a pricier range.

Instead of committing to a device whose functions you will probably not wholly use, consider investing in a reasonably priced watch and its accessories (charms, strap options, protective cases, etc). With this, you will save yourself from the hassle of learning how to use the device and have accessories to notch up the style sentiment.

5. Where you will be wearing them

Investing in luxury watches is a worthy purchase to make. They add to your personal style and are an excellent way to kickstart conversations. They are an expenditure you can make to feel more confident and driven.

However, to ensure this happens, it is vital that your watch matches where you are headed. For instance, pairing your suit with a metal watch will do wonders if you attend a formal event.

Whereas, if dressing up for a date, a casual, leather strap watch will show the effort you have put into preparing yourself for the occasion. Similarly, a white-collar role requires fewer movements of the hands, preventing accidental hits or chances of scratches.

Three mistakes to avoid when choosing a premium watch

  • Making a purchase too soon without learning about the product can lead to dissatisfaction later.
  • Buying a watch that is significantly outside your budget will lead to financial stress, eventually ruining the excitement and fun of owning a watch.
  • Not looking for discounts from brands like Jomashop will lead to paying excessive amounts of money for the same quality of products.

It’s time to invest in reinventing yourself

Watches are the ultimate and the most incredible way to style your outfits while conveying an impactful impression. However, to ensure your investment produces the desired results, carefully analyze your wardrobe to determine the dominant colors. Finding watch designs that align with your preferences will instantly uplift your confidence and ensure you pair the accessories with your outfits. You can also discover Jomashop's Longines timepieces, which are Swiss-made and known for their durability, well-built movements, and sophisticated looks. However, ensure that you only invest in watches that catch your attention and promise to complement all your wardrobe choices.


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