5 Tips for Maintaining Your Home's Plumbing System

May 2, 2024

Owning a home is a venture in responsibility and resourcefulness.

The kind of resourcefulness that hits you deep in your DIY spirit when you discover your sink's ominous gurgle or witness a tiny puddle growing from the less-than-stainless tub.

At this juncture, we're not just talking about investing in good toolboxes; we're talking about the proactiveness required to keep your plumbing in ship shape.

In the world of plumbing, as with many things, prevention trumps repair any day.

Here, we're sharing techniques that cannot only save thousands on potential repair costs but also give you a sense of control over one of your home's most crucial systems.

1. The Culprit of the Clog: Mind Your Drains

Your drains are like the unsung heroes of kitchen and bathroom sanitation—until they're not.

Keeping a close eye (or nose) on your drains is the first step. Here's how to give those covert heroes their due diligence:

  • Mind the Fats: Cooking oils and fatty foods are often washed down the kitchen sink. Over time, these form the sticky base for a clog that even a Marvel comics hero might struggle to dislodge.
  • Wary of the Wipes: Despite what the packaging may suggest, 'flushable' wipes can be some of the most duplicitous culprits. They don't break down like toilet paper and can easily clog your toilet or septic system.
  • Hair Today, Clog Tomorrow: Your shower and bath drains will eventually succumb to the collected hair. Invest in a drain strainer to catch these villains before they escape your grasp.

2. Don't Drown in Leaks, Conserve Like a Pro

One of the surefire ways to keep your water bill from skyrocketing is by staying vigilant against any leaks. A leak could, quite stealthily, cost you hundreds more than necessary.

Pay attention to any dripping sounds or the faint whisper of water when your home should be silent. If it persists post-fixing, invite an expert to the soirée.

Remember: the best tools are your own hands. Regular checks under sinks, around toilets, and in basements can prevent a leak from escalating into a flood.

3. Don't Be a Stranger to the Shut-Off Valve

In the event of a plumbing emergency, the water shut-off valve is your first line of defense.

Ensure you know where your main shut-off valve is as well as the individual shut-offs for various appliances. Periodically turning the shut-off valves can prevent them from sticking, ensuring that they’re functional when you need them.

4. Give Your Pipes a Good Flush

Your plumbing system, like the insides of your body's pipes, needs a detox from time to time. A good ol’ flush can take care of that.

Flushing out your water heater biannually removes sediment that can reduce its lifespan and efficiency. Run hot water and baking soda down your kitchen drain to clear out the gunk and bad smells. A mix of vinegar and baking soda can do wonders to keep your drains clean and clear.

5. Call in Reinforcements (aka Professional Inspections)

There's no shame in calling in a professional for a thorough plumbing inspection. A good place to start is from Plumbers Port Charlotte.

  • Annual Inspections: Have a plumber inspect your plumbing annually. They might uncover potential issues before they mushroom into major expenses.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Instead of waiting for a crisis, many experts offer maintenance plans that include inspections, cleanings, and adjustments to keep everything flowing smoothly.
  • The Pros Know Best: Learn from the professionals. Ask them questions during the inspection about how to maintain your system better. It's like getting a private tutorial on Plumbing 101.

Treating your plumbing with the respect it deserves involves knowing when to DIY and when to call in the cavalry. A few checks and balances (literally) can save you a sea of stress in the long run.

And remember, even if you're not one to stay on top of house chores, your plumbing hardly gives you a choice. It's a system that's always on—and it's far better when it's not a system in distress.


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