6 Reasons for Businesses to Take Fire Safety Seriously

May 14, 2024

Stressing the importance of fire safety might sound like paranoia, but it’s a serious matter. Every year, thousands of businesses end up dealing with the aftermath of a fire, sometimes with injuries and casualties on top of property damage.


Does your business have a solid fire safety plan? Do your employees know what to do if there’s a fire? Or have you put fire safety on the back burner, thinking it probably won’t happen to you? There are plenty of reasons to take fire safety seriously, and here are the best ones.


1. Some fires are preventable


If you think all fires happen sporadically without warning, that’s not always the case. Sometimes there are warning signs, like failing equipment that’s left to deteriorate until it malfunctions.


There is more to fire safety than simply having an exit plan and fire suppression system installed. Fire safety also includes taking specific precautions to prevent predictable fires. For example, if you need to house equipment that can catch fire or explode, like a transformer, it’s crucial to follow all fire codes for the installation. They exist for a reason.


When a transformer fails, the likelihood of a fire is great. If you know your transformer is acting up and might fail, replace it as soon as possible. You always have the option of retrofitting a new transformer to make it work safely with your existing infrastructure.


Of course, not all fires can be predicted or prevented, but basic protocols and equipment can help prevent a significant number of potential incidents. For example, just having fire extinguishers nearby is helpful.


2. Fire safety can save lives and prevent injuries


During a fire, there’s a good chance someone will get burned or inhale too much smoke if they aren’t able to exit the building fast enough. If there is no proper exit, they might not make it out alive. Having a plan for evacuation along with a fire suppression system will go a long way to prevent injuries and save lives.


At the very least, you need an automatic fire suppression system that will extinguish a fire before it has a chance to spread. Fire codes likely also require you to have fire extinguishers on the wall in various places and well-lit marked exits.


3. Fire safety can prevent property damage


In addition to avoiding bodily harm, taking fire safety seriously can prevent property damage. For example, when your fire suppression system puts out a fire, it can’t spread to other areas of the building. There might be some damage, but it will be minimized.


4. Fines for fire code violations are high


When you don’t follow local fire codes, the consequences can be steep fines. One small violation might only cost you $20, but depending on how large your business is, you can end up with a bunch of small fines that add up to thousands of dollars. For example, if you get dinged for the same violations at multiple locations, you could be looking at some big fines.


5. Fire safety can avoid inventory loss


Property damage and structural damage aren’t the only concerns in a fire. You also have to worry about losing your inventory. If there’s a fire in your stockroom, you can potentially lose thousands of dollars in products and/or parts. Keeping up with fire safety can help you avoid this devastating potential.


6. Fire safety can get your insurance claim approved


You probably have insurance policies for your business that include coverage for damage caused by a fire. Most of the time, providers will deny claims if certain conditions aren’t met. If your insurance policy requires you to have specific fire safety measures in place, and you don’t at the time of a fire, you won’t be able to collect compensation for damages.


By following all local fire codes and making sure you adhere to the requirements outlined by your insurance policy, you’ll have a better chance of getting your claims approved, should you experience a fire.


Taking fire safety seriously will protect your business


Taking fire safety seriously creates a safer environment for your employees and protects you from financial loss if you need to file an insurance claim after a fire. In addition to training new hires, go over your company’s fire safety protocols at least once every few months to give your employees a refresher. Keep your business protected from fires, property damage, and lawsuits.


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