7 Home Renovation Ideas for Small Houses

May 31, 2024

Do you live in a small, outdated house? Many homes around the country are not McMansions because simple living was the focus for many families. The size of these homes allows more people to enter the market and ride the real estate wave. It also leaves more cash available to upgrade.

If your residence has a smaller footprint, deciding what to renovate can be challenging because there may be several needs for fixing or adding. To help you nail down a plan of action, here are some home renovation ideas for a small house.

Create an Open Concept

Small houses have tight spaces and smaller areas. This gives you the separate rooms you need, but they are small on the square footage scale. To solve this problem, assess what rooms must be revised or added. This allows you to change the space and create an open concept.

Kitchen and dining rooms are obvious choices because they combine the high-use areas into one. Within your tiny house, expand into the living room. Bedrooms can also do this by taking out a shared bedroom wall and creating a main suite. Opening up your place is an excellent renovation idea that makes the house feel larger.

Update a Bathroom

If you have a tired bathroom, this may be a place to spend your money, especially in a small home. Small bathrooms could be better, but you can remove a tub and put in a corner shower to gain valuable square footage.

A floating sink also opens up the area, and you can put shelving underneath for towels and toiletries. This can be little enhancements or a full-scale remodel where you gut the entire room out and then bring in size-appropriate items to allow more room to move around.

Renovate the Kitchen

The kitchen is another popular room that can benefit from home renovations. This is where you spend a lot of time, and if it needs an update, you can do several things, including new:

  • Cabinetry
  • Appliances
  • Countertops
  • Flooring

A skylight can be added to bring in more natural illumination, and you could even bump it out to increase the size. Changing the layout or removing a floating island will also open it up.

Go Up

A small home limits your outward extension unless you want a major remodel. If you have it, high ceilings or vaulted living rooms can add more design flair and storage. This is where you can extend the cabinetry and trim work for a stylish upgrade.

Built-in cabinetry also uses height to store books and collectibles. A high ceiling with extra features takes the eye away from an enclosed space.

Build a Banquette

When space is at a premium, you can gain usable space by building a banquette in the kitchen. This will replace a table and chairs. This bench seat runs along a wall and is a fixed seating area to which you bring a table.

You see these in cafes and restaurants, and for good reason: they take up less space and allow for more foot traffic in front of them. You can dress a banquette up with pillows and colour to bring attention to the space, and it is practical and upscale at the same time.

Install a Corner Pantry

Storage space is limited in a small house, so you may need more room to store food. To solve this problem, you can build a corner pantry.

A corner pantry is an easy renovation because you already have two walls to work with. The rest can be framed with only a handful of materials. Glass doors are usually preferred, especially in a small home, because they keep the room open. This new pantry stores canned and boxed goods, countertop appliances, and bakeware.

Loft Bed

You may have two children sharing a bedroom; if the room is small, there are better options than two beds. Building a loft bed is an excellent, stylish, and practical upgrade. This utilizes vertical space and functions like a bunk bed. You can incorporate a dedicated stairway to gain access above and build bookshelves for even more storage.

These are some excellent renovation ideas for a small home, but just because you don’t have much space doesn’t mean you don’t have options. Use these ideas to transform your tiny house into a residence that serves you well and is the envy of the neighbourhood.


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