8 home maintenance tips to follow to save money in the long run

May 7, 2024

Your home is one of the greatest investments of your lifetime. If you take utmost care of your home, including the roof, fireplace, pipes, gutters, and more, you not only make the best of this investment but also save BIG money in the long run.

Moreover, it also prevents damage that home insurance companies don’t cover. So, let’s know everything you must undertake to enjoy these benefits!

1. Care for the roof

Inspect the roof for signs of damaged and missing tiles. Replace them as required to avoid leaks and major issues in the roof foundation.

Regularly clean leaves, dirt, debris, and branches from the roof to avoid water accumulation. Otherwise, it can cause severe roof damage later on. Accumulated dirt can also invite pests and cause mold and mildew growth.

Additionally, you must consider stormproofing the roof if your locality experiences extreme weather. If your locality is snow-prone, regularly remove snow from the roof. Ensure that warm air leaks into the attic to prevent ice dams on the roof.

2. Maintain the fireplace and chimney

Remove soot, creosote, and debris buildup from the fireplace and chimney frequently. These elements can often cause chimney fires. Check whether there are any loose bricks, damaged mortar, or cracks on the chimney.

Ensure there’s proper ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide buildup and poisoning. You can further install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to prevent it. However, it’s best to hire a reputable and experienced Seattle chimney sweep service provider and avoid any risks.

Seek one that provides you with a wide range of chimney maintenance support from well-trained employees, not subcontractors.

3. Regularly clean the dryer vent and lint filter

Clean the back of the dryer where lint accumulates and lint filter as regularly as possible. It’s best to remove lint after every use to ensure proper airflow and efficient working of the dryer.

If necessary, use a vent-cleaning brush or vacuum to unclog it. Otherwise, it can even lead to fire hazards.

Ensure that the vent behind the dryer isn’t crushed or damaged. Similarly, the vent flaps on the home exterior must not be clogged with debris or snow.

Flexible foil or plastic vents trap lint and cause more fire hazards. If your dryer has it, replace it with a rigid metal vent.

Moreover, track how long your clothes take to dry. If the timespan is way more than before, the vent might be blocked and needs attention.

4. Clean HVAC filters

To improve air quality in your home, clean HVAC filters once every 1-3 months. This ensures that your HVAC system operates efficiently, i.e., provides you the best service with minimal electricity consumption. It’s best to set a reminder on your calendar so you don’t forget it.

Alternatively, you can also opt for professional maintenance servicing for heating and cooling systems. In fact, statistics say that people spend over $10 billion annually on HVAC system repair and maintenance. After all, professional maintenance even extends the equipment’s lifespan.

5. Pay attention to downspouts and gutters

Gutters and downspouts drain water away from your house during rain and storms. Clean gutter and downspouts prevent mildew damage, erosion, and foundation issues.

Inspect these areas, especially during fall and spring. You may need to monitor these areas more if there are several trees around.

6. Trim trees around your home

Planting and growing more trees is a great step to save the environment. However, if these trees are around your home, don’t overlook the hazards of dead and diseased trees.

Prune trees near your home to ensure healthy regrowth and prevent them from falling on your roof or any part of the yard. Remove dead trees and dead branches ASAP to prevent accidents.

7. Check around pipes

Monitor pipes under sinks and in toilets and inspect for leaks. If there are any, get it fixed immediately. Remove sediment buildup from your water heater by flushing them annually. This improves its efficiency and extends its lifespan.

8. Ensure optimal function of windows and doors

Air drafts can reduce energy efficiency and increase your bills. Check for air drafts near the doors and windows. If you feel any, apply caulk or weather stripping and seal gaps.

Check whether the locks and hinges operate smoothly. Lubricate them regularly to extend their lifespan and avoid replacing them.


Buying or building a home requires many expenses. Follow these tips diligently to prevent further major costs!


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