8 Types of Deeds in Real Estate Explained

May 24, 2024

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When you're buying or selling property, one of the key documents you'll encounter is the deed. This is a legal document that helps a party transfer ownership of real estate to another party. It's essential to understand the different types of deeds because each type offers different levels of protection and details regarding the rights transferred. This article will explain some different types of deeds commonly used in real estate transactions. We'll keep things simple, ensuring you can grasp the nuances of each deed type without needing a law degree.

1. Quitclaim Deed

A quitclaim deed transfers whatever interest the seller has in the property without making any guarantees or promises about the extent of their ownership. It's often used between family members or to clear up title issues because it's a quick way to transfer property rights without the formalities of other deeds. However, because quitclaim deeds do not guarantee that the seller owns the property free of other claims, they offer the least protection for buyers. If you're buying a property with a quitclaim deed, it's crucial to conduct thorough due diligence and do a title search to understand exactly what is being transferred.

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2. Warranty Deed

A warranty deed, often used in residential property sales, provides the highest level of buyer protection. When a seller issues a warranty deed, it guarantees that they own the property free and clear of any liens or claims. This means the seller has the full right to sell the property, and they assure the buyer against any future claims to ownership by others. If any legal issues arise regarding prior claims, the seller will be responsible for resolving these issues at their own cost. For buyers, this type of deed offers peace of mind, making it a popular choice in straightforward real estate transactions.

3. Special Warranty Deed

The special warranty deed is similar to the warranty deed but with a narrower scope of protection. With this deed, the seller guarantees the property only against claims that arose during their period of ownership. In other words, the seller doesn't vouch for the property's history before they owned it. This type of deed is common in commercial real estate transactions where the property might have changed hands several times, and the seller can only confidently guarantee a clear title during their ownership period. Buyers should be aware that while it offers significant protection, it does not cover any issues that may have existed before the seller's ownership.

4. Grant Deed

A grant deed transfers ownership and implicitly promises that the seller has not previously sold the property and that there are no undisclosed liens or encumbrances. It is similar to a warranty deed but does not include the same level of guarantee against all possible encumbrances. This type of deed is common in states like California and offers a moderate level of protection, assuring the buyer that the seller has not done anything to impair title during their ownership but not covering potential issues from before their ownership.

5. Easement Deed

An easement deed is used to grant a non-possessory interest in a portion of the property owner's land to another party for a specific use, such as utilities, access roads, or shared driveways. This deed type does not transfer ownership of the property itself but rather the right to use the property in a defined way. Easement deeds are crucial for properties that require shared access or where utilities must cross private lands. They ensure that such arrangements are legally recognized and maintained over time.

6. Transfer on Death Deed

A transfer on death deed allows property owners to name a beneficiary who will receive their property automatically upon their death, bypassing the probate process. This type of deed is beneficial for estate planning as it simplifies the transition of property ownership and can help avoid lengthy legal proceedings. The deed has no impact during the owner’s lifetime, allowing them to retain full control over the property until their death. It is a valuable tool for individuals looking to ensure a smooth inheritance process for their real estate.

7. Correction Deed

A correction deed is used to amend a previously recorded deed that contains errors, such as misspellings, incorrect property descriptions, or wrong names. This deed makes it possible to correct these mistakes without negating the original transfer of property rights. It ensures that the public record accurately reflects the details of the property transaction and is essential for maintaining clear and uncontested property titles. Filing a correction deed promptly is crucial to avoid complications in future transactions or legal disputes.

8. Affidavit of Deed

An affidavit of deed is a document used to confirm the transfer of property rights and the details of that transaction. It is typically signed by the grantor and sometimes a witness, providing sworn statements to verify that the deed was executed correctly and legally. This document can help clear up any ambiguities in the public record, ensuring that the property’s ownership history is accurately documented. It is particularly useful in clarifying situations where deed records may be incomplete or contain discrepancies.


Understanding the different types of deeds in real estate is crucial for anyone engaged in buying or selling property. Each deed type comes with its own set of assurances and risks, impacting both parties in a transaction. From the full protection of warranty deeds to the minimal assurance of quitclaim deeds, choosing the right type of deed can significantly influence your legal rights and responsibilities as a property owner. It's always wise to consult with a real estate professional or legal advisor who can provide guidance based on your specific circumstances and help you navigate the complexities of real estate transactions. By doing so, you ensure that you make informed decisions that align with your property investment goals and legal protections.


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