AI Personalization: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Personalized and Predictive iGaming

May 24, 2024

These days, when you log into your online bank account, Netflix stream, or your iGaming account, you can't help but notice the power and influence of regular AI on the site and your overall gaming experience. When you blossom into a multi-billion dollar industry in recent years, the pressure mounts to keep the momentum going and the profits flowing. One way is to add new members, retain the current members, and get them to engage and spend more. That's where predictive AI comes into play, and most certainly for the iGaming section.

Understanding Predictive AI Personlization

The basics of predictive AI are to make decisions in the future based on what someone will likely do, watch, etc. Predictive AI works in tandem with behavioral AI to continue to make and deliver customized marketing and target promotions for each member. Fundamentally predictive AI focuses on these three categories:

  • Profiling online members
  • Predictive Behaviors
  • Recommendation Models

Let’s do a deeper dive into these three major categories.

1. Profiling Online Members

Through precise and programmed algorithms, predictive AI creates extensive records for each online member to be stored in several databases. The data collected is behaviors, like the kind of games played and how long they played them, as well as personal demographics. Even better are the frequent updates involved with the AI algorithms so iGaming sites can make the best possible decisions.

2. Predictive Behaviors

Through predictive AI models, iGaming sites can carefully dissect and analyze the data surrounding a member's gaming habits, preferences, and where they spend the most time on the site to create highly targeted campaigns that stand a great chance of retaining that member or getting that member to engage or make purchases down the road.

3. Recommendation Models

Through advanced predictive AI models, highly accurate gaming recommendations and other perks like tailored promotions and loyalty points can be made for each member. For example, if one player spends most of their time playing classic blackjack, and if a new variant comes online, through recommendation models, online casinos can advertise to that blackjack player a new blackjack option with reasonable assurance that the member will engage. Likewise, suppose a member is into megaway slots when a new megaway option comes online. In that case, they can make suggestions and make bonuses for the future for that megaway slot player, and not for the blackjack player, because the odds are, they won't take it up.

What Are the Benefits of AI Predictive Personalization

Predictive AI is quickly becoming the crutch for Igaming sites to get a jump on future profits and to maintain their positions in these areas:

1. Looking Ahead to Future Trends

With all the data, including updated data on their members' gaming habits and preferences, iGaming sites can get a jump on future trends and the direction that each member is likely to go. With this knowledge based on the behavioral data models, iGaming sites can gently finesse and experiment with targeted campaigns to get each member to engage financially in something that they would naturally fall into.

2. Judiciously Using Resources

No matter how much money an iGaming site is worth, resources are still finite. To best use the resources they do have, through predictive AI, these sites stand to get a much better return on investments based on what their members will most likely engage in and greatly eliminate wasteful spending and resources.

3. Can Help to See Future Risks

One the one hand, while predictive AI is designed to boost future profits, it can also serve to see potential red flags down the road. If the behavioral AI is showing that players aren't engaging like they usually do, this means down the road, the profits will be reduced. So, through these models, iGaming sites can try to avoid that bump down the road.

4. Real-Time Decision Making

As AI, particularly behavioral AI, constantly records and updates data in real-time, iGaming sites can constantly improve their decision-making process. This is also great for finding things in real-time for bad or suspicious behavior. Because cybercrime is a constant thorn for real money online casinos, predictive AI can further strengthen their network security, which will maintain future profit margins.


Predictive AI personalization marks one of the newest advancements in the AI revolution. With predictive AI marketing campaigns, iGaming sites can stay ahead of the game based on their members' behaviors and habits. By carefully recording gaming habits and the top areas that members visit, iGaming sites can increase their return on investment.


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