Bamboo timber cladding in detail: the 5 main benefits

May 16, 2024

While bamboo is rapidly gaining popularity, wood cladding is still deeply entrenched. Wood is a well known material and high quality bamboo cladding has only been around for a decade. But what are the main benefits of bamboo?

Advantages of bamboo cladding


Fire resistant

Carbon dioxide neutral

Hard and durable

High stability

Maintenance-free bamboo wall panels

Are you looking for a natural material that requires no maintenance? This is the ideal product to fulfill that desire. Like tropical wood, bamboo decking require no maintenance and will remain beautiful for years. Bamboo panels will deteriorate within months or years of installation, but this does not affect the quality of the material. No painting or oiling is required unless a naturally weathered look is desired. Thorough cleaning will prevent algae growth.

Fire-rated bamboo cladding

Among the various technical requirements, fire safety of external cladding is very important. In particular, projects involving escape routes and multi-storey buildings need to meet the European B fire standard. Bamboo is one of the few natural materials that meet these high fire safety requirements without the need for impregnation with flame retardants. The high density of bamboo makes it fire-resistant due to the heat treatment that bamboo undergoes at the beginning of the production process. After the heat treatment, the combustibility of the bamboo is burned away. Due to the closed structure of the filing system, the entire system has a fire resistance rating of B-s1-d0, not only in the buried system, but also in the smooth system.

Cladding products made of CO2-neutral, environmentally friendly wood

Cladding timber is CO2 neutral throughout the entire product life cycle. This information has been externally confirmed by LCA and EPD analysis. In managed plantations in China, bamboo absorbs more CO2 during stem growth than it releases during production and transportation to the Netherlands. This means that CO2 accumulates during the use of bamboo mulch. Bamboo is not a tree, but a very fast-growing grass. After about five years, the bamboo stalks grow from the root system and become mature stalks that can be harvested. During the 25-year warranty period, bamboo will grow back five times. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly alternative to other materials such as plastic composites. Learn more about the environmental benefits of bamboo products. ® ®.

Bamboo cladding panels are very strong and durable

When it comes to exterior cladding, it's obviously important to choose a product that lasts a long time because it can't be easily replaced. Bamboo panels are very hard and durable and therefore require no maintenance. During the manufacturing process, bamboo panels are compressed under high pressure and are therefore heavier and harder than other wood species. Various bio-durability tests have shown that this material can match or even surpass the most durable hardwoods. Wood panels are durable and scratch resistant. Wood paneling does not require painting or staining and will not damage the finish.

Wood cladding stays beautiful due to its high degree of stability.

Bamboo and wood exterior cladding: five key benefits

Beautiful exterior cladding maintains not only the beauty of the color, but also the shape. This is particularly important with modern timber exterior cladding, which is often installed as vertical boards or slats that must remain flat and smooth on the exterior surface for many years after installation. Bamboo's treatment makes it very stable. Changes in temperature and humidity have relatively little effect on bamboo panels compared to many other wood cladding materials. Of course, the way in which the bamboo panels are fixed is also very important. Adequate ventilation and fixing points are necessary to maintain the shape of the bamboo panels.


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