Charlie Puth Net Worth: How He Earned His $35 Million Fortune

May 24, 2024

Charlie Puth, the American pop sensation, has taken the music industry by storm with his unique blend of pop, R&B, and soul influences, bolstered by sophisticated production techniques and his exceptional vocal talents.

Overview of Charlie Puth's Net Worth

Charlie Puth's net worth is estimated at $35 million. His rise to fame began as a viral sensation on YouTube, where he posted captivating covers and original songs. He subsequently collaborated with prominent artists like Wiz Khalifa, Jason Derulo, Cody Simpson, and Skizzy Mars, solidifying his place in the music industry.

Music Career Milestones

Debut Album

Puth's debut album, "Nine Track Mind," was released in January 2016. The album achieved Platinum status in multiple countries and peaked at #6 on the US "Billboard" Hot 100 chart. The single "Marvin Gaye" (featuring Meghan Trainor) from this album reached #1 in the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand, and #21 in the US.

Major Hit Singles

His first major breakthrough came with "See You Again," a collaboration with Wiz Khalifa for the "Furious 7" soundtrack. This hit single topped charts worldwide and reached #1 in the US. Another milestone was the release of "Attention" from his second studio album, "Voicenotes," which peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Subsequent Albums

"Voicenotes," released after his debut, went Gold and peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. His third studio album, "Charlie," was released in 2022 and continues to build on his success.

Early Life and Background

Born on December 2, 1991, in Rumson, New Jersey, Charlie Puth was exposed to music from a young age by his mother, Debra Puth, a music teacher and commercial writer. His father, Charles Otto Puth Sr., was a builder and real estate agent. Puth has twin siblings, Stephen and Mikaela. A notable incident from his childhood is the scar on his eyebrow from a dog bite at the age of two.

Education and Early Music Involvement

Charlie Puth showed an early affinity for music, learning to play the piano at age four and studying jazz from age 10. He was active in his youth jazz ensemble and worked at Count Basie Theatre's Cool School. He later attended Manhattan School of Music Pre-College and graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2013 with a degree in Music Production and Engineering. Despite his talent, he faced severe bullying during his school years.

Career Development

YouTube Beginnings

Puth launched his YouTube channel "Charlies Vlogs" in 2009, where he posted comedy videos and acoustic covers. He gained significant attention with his original song "These Are My Sexy Shades" and the "The Otto Tunes" EP.

Early Success

Winning Perez Hilton's "Can You Sing?" competition brought him further into the spotlight. This victory led to a signing with Ellen DeGeneres's eleveneleven label. He released the single "Break Again," performed live on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," and eventually transitioned to a contract with Atlantic Records.

Record Label Signing and Major Hits

Puth's signing with Atlantic Records marked a turning point in his career. "Marvin Gaye," featuring Meghan Trainor, was a significant success. "See You Again," a collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, further accentuated his rapid ascent in the music world.

Personal Struggles and Later Life

Despite his success, Puth experienced a nervous breakdown attributed to overwork and the loss of privacy. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted him to return to his childhood home, providing a much-needed respite.

Real Estate Investments

In terms of real estate, Puth made significant investments. He purchased a Hollywood Hills home in 2015 for $1.9 million but later sold it at a slight loss. In December 2009, he bought a $9 million home in Beverly Hills and listed it for sale in 2023 for nearly $17 million, subsequently reducing the price.

Collaborations and Further Contributions

Throughout his career, Puth has collaborated with various artists, including Jason Derulo, Bonnie McKee, and CeeLo Green. He has released several singles and extended plays, contributing significantly to his rising fame and net worth. Furthermore, Puth partnered with Hollister Co. since 2017, underscoring his entrepreneurial spirit.

Milestone Details
Net Worth $35 million
Debut Album "Nine Track Mind," released in January 2016
Major Hit Singles
  • "See You Again" with Wiz Khalifa - #1 in the US
  • "Attention" - #5 on the Billboard Hot 100
  • "Marvin Gaye" featuring Meghan Trainor - #1 in the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand
Subsequent Albums
  • "Voicenotes" - Gold status, #4 on the Billboard Hot 100
  • "Charlie" - Released in 2022
Early Life Born on December 2, 1991, in Rumson, New Jersey. Raised by mother Debra Puth, a music teacher, and father Charles Otto Puth Sr., a builder and real estate agent.
  • Manhattan School of Music Pre-College
  • Berklee College of Music - Degree in Music Production and Engineering (2013)
Initial Breakthrough YouTube channel "Charlies Vlogs" launched in 2009, won Perez Hilton's "Can You Sing?" competition, signed by Ellen DeGeneres's eleveneleven label.
Record Label Signing Signed with Atlantic Records, where he released the hit "Marvin Gaye" featuring Meghan Trainor.
Personal Struggles Experienced a nervous breakdown due to overwork and the loss of privacy, found respite during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Real Estate Investments
  • Hollywood Hills home purchased in 2015 for $1.9 million (sold later)
  • Beverly Hills home purchased in 2009 for $9 million, listed for sale in 2023
Collaborations Worked with artists such as Jason Derulo, Bonnie McKee, CeeLo Green, and partnered with Hollister Co. since 2017.
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