From Traditional To Trendy: Explore The Evolution Of Salwar Suit In Modern Fashion

May 23, 2024

Despite the craze for Western wear for all these years, ethnic wear has been making a comeback, even among the youth. Who does not love to try trendy clothing?

Salwar suits are classic evidence of vast cultural diversity. Generations have passed, but the salwar suit remains a classic outfit for the South Asian people. Interestingly, the available variety attracts a good number of people across the globe, beyond just South Asians. These ethnic dresses never go out of style, whether you wear them for a wedding or a casual day, and they bring elegance to your look.

But have you ever imagined how salwar suits have evolved from just being traditional wear to modern fashion wear? Let’s delve into the evolution of the salwar suit.

Origin of Salwar Suits

The origin of the salwar suit can be traced to the ancient civilizations of South Asia. It was not just a piece of cloth that people wore but reflected the socio-economic status of the person who wore it. The salwar suit was a clothing style passed on to various empires that ruled the region, and the Mughals were among them. They introduced their version of the attire and added finer details to it while using rich fabrics. With the partition of India, there was a significant cultural exchange, additions to the clothing styles, and a rise in the importance of salwar suits.

Salwar suits have been considered a significant part of Indian attire and can be found in different regions of India. It is an article of easily accessible clothing along with cultural diversity in designs. From Punjab to Gujarat, each region adds its unique touch to the salwar suit.

Traditional Style of Salwar Suits

The traditional elegance in the salwar suit varies from the Patiala salwar suit to the churidar. Hence, salwar suits are coming from different regions of our country.

The Anarkali salwar suit is one of the most preferred salwar suits, and it was designed under the influence of a dancer, Anarkali. It is a long, frock-style top with a slim bottom.

The Patiala salwar suit comes from Punjab and offers great comfort to the person styling it. It has a voluminous salwar with a shorter suit. Among the many styles of this traditional clothing that have subtly evolved, the Churidar salwar suit is particularly distinctive. It has some unique features, like the longer fabric lengths that gather at the ankles to resemble "churis", combining elegance and modesty, making it a timeless option for a range of settings. The kameez is typically longer in these suits.

The traditional styles of salwar suits do not stop here – there are Punjabi salwar suits, Pakistani salwar suits, and khadi salwar suits.

With its lengthier kameez and straight lines, the Pakistani salwar suit closely showcases a traditional Pakistani outfit. This symbol of Punjabi culture is the salwar suit, which stands out for its bold designs and vibrant colours. Khadi's significance cannot be emphasized enough.

Mahatma Gandhi's support of the Indian liberation movement gave rise to the iconic Khadi Salwar suits that today serve as a symbol of the nation's independence. Because the Khadi Salwar suit is made of hand-spun and hand-woven cotton, it exudes simplicity while making a bold fashion statement.

The elegance of a salwar suit does not stop here. With time and the passing of culture on to generations, this piece of clothing has evolved and now become a trend.

Modern Transformations in Salwar Suits

The salwar suits are not just a piece of clothing but reflect the culture of South Asia. If you are looking for something to wear that will give you both a traditional as well as a modern look, without a second thought, you should buy salwar suits.

If you are wondering how a traditional clothing item could be a statement for modern fashion, the truth is anything is possible in the world of fashion! Societies change over time, and cultural expressions follow suit. The Salwar Kameez has undergone an incredible metamorphosis, evolving to meet the needs of the modern world without losing its fundamental qualities. The cut, colour, and fabric of the clothing have changed throughout history, from the emperors' regal courts to the busy streets of contemporary cities. Western fashion influence has also spawned new trends, including the 'Indo-Western' Salwar Kameez, which combines traditional patterns with contemporary aesthetics.

Now, salwar suits are available in different fabrics like silk and georgette and are even designed especially for parties or weddings, just like lehengas, which are designed with good patterns and embroidery. The goal of these ensembles is to make you look fantastic with luxurious fabrics, eye-catching hues, and fancy embellishments. One of the most popular ornamental forms of salwar suits is the embroidered salwar kameez. The intricate patterns woven by skilled weavers of the Salwar Kameez lend depth, texture, and beauty.

In recent years, the floor-length variant has pushed the limits of the traditional Anarkali and become one of the most sought-after styles of salwar suits. One such fashionable ensemble is the salwar suit with a jacket. This style involves wearing a floor- or waist-length jacket over a regular kameez. The jacket adds a touch of elegance to the ensemble because it is often adorned with beautiful needlework, prints, or patterns.

These styles are further followed by netted salwar suits to printed, floral print, collar-neck, pant style, and front slit salwar suits. These are a catch for today’s generation and make them trendy outfits in a market where Western clothing is preferred.


It is quite evident that with time, salwar suits, our beloved traditional clothing, have undergone some of the most significant changes and adapted themselves to modern-day fashions without losing their fundamental cultural elements. From the unexpected elegance of Anarkali suits to the contemporary look of the pant-style salwar suit, the elegant jacket style, and the sophisticated front slit design, the world of salwar suits offers multiple options for each occasion and fashion sense. There is no dearth of options when you look for traditional cum modern wear to style for any occasion –the salwar suit has got your back.


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