Garden Style Apartments: Balancing Urban Convenience and Suburban Tranquility

May 1, 2024

Understanding Garden Style Apartments

Garden style apartments are a popular choice among renters seeking a balance of urban convenience and suburban tranquility. They consist of multiple low-rise buildings spread out across large properties, often surrounded by green spaces, surface parking, and outdoor common areas. Their unique layout lends garden style apartments some desirable characteristics such as accessibility, increased space, and privacy, making them often more appealing to individuals and families than their mid-rise and high-rise counterparts.

Pros and Cons of Garden Apartments

For prospective tenants, garden apartments offer a range of benefits including affordability, lower cooling costs due to the lower building elevation, and a quieter environment with less neighbor hustle and bustle. They also promote an easier lifestyle with benefits such as outdoor access, pet-friendly spaces, and proximate parking.

However, there can be some downsides to living in garden-style apartments. Some of these include potentially higher maintenance due to the expansive outdoor spaces, less natural light in apartments lower to the ground, and fewer amenities compared to mid-rise and high-rise apartments. Tenants may also experience difficulties with limited elevator access, the potential for pests, and noise levels emanating from surroundings and neighboring units.

A Look at Garden Apartments in Portland

The Garden Apartments located in the 97236 ZIP Code of Portland is an excellent sample of Garden Style living. The community is served by the David Douglas School District 40 attendance zone, and features a professional community team ready to show prospective tenants all that the community has to offer. Price and availability, however, are subject to change without notice, and the base rent price may not include non-optional fees and utilities, so prospective tenants should be mindful of additional costs.

Maintaining Security in Garden Apartments

Given their unique design, garden style apartments require modern access control solutions for heightened security. One recommended solution is the ButterflyMX gate intercom. This video intercom system offers improved security, convenience, remote management, customizable access levels, and constant activity monitoring. Fairly innovative measures like fencing also form part of key garden apartment security measures.

Garden Apartments in the Housing Market

The garden-style apartment market continues to show steady growth. The appeal of suburban living, increased remote work trends, and a quest for more laid-back lifestyles are key contributors to this trend. Year-over-year growth analysis indicates that this segment is set to grow even further, as developers recognize its potential and strive to include more sophisticated amenities and designs to attract renters.

Affordable Luxuries In Garden Apartments – A Case Study of Multnomah Garden Apartments

Multnomah Garden Apartments in the heart of Multnomah Village exemplify the idyllic Garden Style living. This peaceful garden style building is surrounded by lush landscaping and mature trees. It houses spacious one and two-bedroom apartments with open floor plans, large picture windows, and tranquil views of the surroundings. With easy access to great restaurants, parks, community centers, and downtown Portland, Multnomah Garden Apartments provide a balance between city convenience and the joys of garden living.

Garden Apartments: A Suitable Living Option?

Deciding to rent a garden apartment is a decision shaped by individual lifestyle, preferences, and circumstances. Many people find garden-style apartments to be the perfect balance – they offer the modern conveniences of apartment living, with greater accessibility, privacy, and green spaces – all packaged in an affordable cost.

Final Thoughts

Whether it's the cost efficiency, increased privacy, pet-friendliness, or the simplicity of green living, garden apartments continue to appeal to a large number of renters. However, prospective tenants should weigh the benefits against the possible challenges such as higher maintenance, less natural light, and increased security measures. As with any living arrangement, what may suit one person may not suit another, hence, it's essential to carefully consider what you value most in a home before choosing a garden style apartment.


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