Get Unstuck Anywhere With These Recovery Board Tricks!

May 16, 2024

Have you ever gotten your truck, Jeep, or SUV really stuck in the mud or sand before? It's the worst feeling - your tires are just spinning and digging in deeper no matter how much you floor the gas pedal. That's where recovery boards come to save the day! These are special boards that you can put under your tires to help get traction and drive right out.

Recovery boards look kind of like thick plastic or aluminum ramps with grooves and holes all over them. You place them on the ground behind your tires so your wheels have something really grippy to grab onto when they spin. With that added traction from the boards, your tires can finally catch and move your vehicle forward instead of just spinning uselessly.

Using recovery boards is pretty simple, but there are some handy tips to make sure they work their best to pull you out of tough, sticky situations! Follow these 5 tricks to conquer tough terrain with recovery tracks:

Tip 1: Get Big Boards

Those tiny little recovery ramps from the auto parts store might seem fine, but they often aren't big enough to do the job right. For big trucks and SUVs, you really want boards that are wide and long - around 10 inches wide by 4 feet long at minimum.

The bigger the boards, the more of your tire's footprint they can grab onto for traction. Smaller boards don't have enough surface area to properly hook your tires. With huge boards, you've got way more grooves and channels to really dig in and find grip.

Tip 2: Diamond Grooves Are Best

Speaking of grooves, you want boards with an aggressive diamond plate or X-shaped groove pattern on them. Those give your tires the absolute best bite to churn their way forward slowly. Boards with circles or tire tread shapes get packed with mud and debris way too easily.

The sharp-edged grooves on a diamond plate dig into your tires almost like climbing spikes. As you gently spin your tires against them, the grooves interlock with your tire treads allowing you to crawl right out. Pretty cool huh?

Tip 3: Clear A Runway First

It's really important to shovel and clear away any loose debris, rocks, or mud in front of where you'll place the recovery boards. You basically want to make a nice clean path or runway where the boards will go.

If you just plop the boards down on top of a messy pile of dirt and rocks, your tires won't be able to grab them properly. Clear away any obstacles first so your tires can properly make contact with the board's grooves.

Tip 4: Accelerate Firmly (Don't Spin!)

Once the boards are in place behind your tires, don't just floor the gas pedal as hard as you can - that's a surefire way to just keep digging in deeper! Instead, you want to give it a consistent, firm amount of acceleration without letting the tires wildly spin and fling mud everywhere.

Basically, push the pedal down to around 25-50% throttle and keep it there while turning the steering wheel smoothly from side to side. This allows your tires to slowly bite and grab onto the boards to drive you forward bit-by-bit without just uselessly spinning out.

Tip 5: Take Care of Your Boards

Recovery boards are made really tough, but they're not indestructible. If yours get cracked or the grooves tear up badly, time for a new set! After getting unstuck, be sure to properly clean off any mud or debris. Store them somewhere dry to keep them in good shape.

Treat your recovery boards well - they get you out of sticky jams when nothing else can! With a little know-how using properly sized and grooved boards, you can always get unstuck and keep on trucking through any terrain.

Those are the top tips for getting maximum traction and benefit from recovery boards. Next time you get hopelessly stuck on the trail or in a muddy field, just whip those babies out from your truck bed and work that magic. You'll be free and back on terra firma before you know it!


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