Harlan Crow Net Worth: Unveiling the Real Estate Moguls Wealth

May 18, 2024

Harlan Rogers Crow is a prominent American real-estate developer, businessman, art collector, and philanthropist, born on November 28, 1949. At 73 years old, Crow resides in Dallas, Texas, where he continues his extensive work in the real estate industry through his family business, Crow Holdings.

Education and Early Career

Harlan Crow attended prestigious institutions, including Randolph-Macon Academy, Emory University, and the University of Texas, where he obtained his BBA. He began his career in the family business, initially working as a leasing agent at Trammell Crow Houston Industrial from 1974 to 1978. He later took on management roles in Dallas Office Building development from 1978 to 1986 and served as President of Wyndham Hotel Company from 1986 to 1988.

Current Position and Company Overview

Today, Harlan Crow is the Chairman of Crow Holdings, a privately owned real estate and development firm established in 1982. Crow Holdings consists of multiple subsidiaries, including Crow Holdings Capital, Trammell Crow Residential, Crow Holdings Industrial, Crow Holdings Office, Old Parkland office campus, and Anatole Hotel. The firm employs close to 500 people and manages assets worth approximately $29 billion.

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Financial Portfolio

Harlan Crow's financial portfolio is extensive. He earns an annual income of $270 million and donates around $100 million. His cash in the bank amounts to $1 billion, with monthly expenditures reaching $18 million. Crow's financial investments include $60 million in cryptocurrency, $120 million in retirement savings, and a substantial stock portfolio valued at $900 million. He has paid $11 million in taxes and inherited $850 million.

Philanthropy and Donations

Harlan Crow is a significant political donor, having contributed to numerous political figures, including George W. Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Donald Trump, and Mike Pence. His contributions are not limited to politics; he is a major donor to cultural institutions in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, such as The Dallas Museum of Art, The Dallas Symphony Orchestra, The Nasher Sculpture Center, and The Dallas Zoo.

Assets and Luxuries

Crow's residence is a $55 million mansion in Dallas, Texas, featuring ten bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a swimming pool, a golf course, and a tennis court. Although specific details are scarce, Crow owns a yacht equipped with luxury amenities and a private jet. His mansion's 77-car underground garage hints at a significant collection of vehicles.

Art Collection

Harlan Crow maintains an extensive and expensive art collection in his Dallas home, displaying sculptures, oil paintings, and various art objects. His collection includes controversial items such as two paintings by Adolf Hitler and a signed copy of Mein Kampf. Additionally, his backyard features about 20 statues of communist icons and authoritarian leaders. Crow's private library houses over 8,500 books and manuscripts.


Crow has been involved in several controversies, including allegations of undisclosed gifts to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and questionable donations to various political figures and institutions. These actions have raised ethical concerns and scrutiny over his influence in the political and judicial realms.

Harlan Crow's Background

Family Legacy

Harlan Crow is the chairman and former CEO of Crow Holdings, a Texas-based real estate investment and development firm managing $29 billion in assets. The firm was founded by his father, Trammell Crow, who was once the largest landlord in the U.S. and is celebrated as one of history's most innovative developers. Trammell Crow's achievements include being named to the United States Business Hall of Fame in 1987.

Challenges and Current Status

Harlan Crow took over Crow Holdings during a difficult period for commercial real estate in 1988. He successfully restructured the firm's debt and sold off assets to stabilize the company. Today, Crow Holdings remains significant in the American real estate sector, with an estimated revenue of $113 million in 2021. The firm's Trammell Crow Residential division was the fifth-largest U.S. developer in 2022, focusing on multifamily and student housing developments in the Sunbelt region.

Relationship with Clarence Thomas

Undisclosed Gifts and Transactions

Justice Clarence Thomas has been scrutinized for failing to disclose decades of lavish gifts from Harlan Crow. These include extravagant vacations such as island hopping in Indonesia on Crow's yacht and private jet. Crow also purchased properties from Thomas in 2014, including the house where Thomas' mother lives rent-free, which Thomas did not disclose.

Public Response

The relationship between Crow and Thomas has sparked significant ethical concerns and scrutiny. Crow has stated that he intended to convert the house he purchased from Thomas into a museum dedicated to the Justice. However, the close association has led to questions about judicial impartiality and ethical behavior.


Harlan Crow's life embodies the intersections of real estate development, massive wealth, political influence, and philanthropy. While his contributions to various sectors are notable, controversies surrounding his relationships and donations, particularly with Justice Clarence Thomas, continue to provoke public and ethical debates.

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