How AI Revolutionizes Home Services

May 22, 2024


The global on-demand home services market was valued at $3.71 billion in 2021. This revenue is expected to expand with a 16.7 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) until 2030.

Online on-demand home services include plumbing, cleaning, HVAC servicing, and moving and storage.

The widespread adoption of these services is attributed to their accessibility, convenience, and straightforward payment processes. They help homeowners manage tedious tasks and organize their busy lives.

However, artificial intelligence (AI) is a game-changer for the industry.

The Impact of AI on Home Services

So, how is AI impacting the home services industry? Is this transformation beneficial or not?

Let’s first discuss the current state of the home services industry.

The Current State of the Home Services Industry

The home services industry is competitive. However, despite its growth, it faces significant hurdles like inefficiency, tardy responses, and a lack of transparency in customer service.

Homeowners often need more clarity in pricing models and service quality. Sometimes, pricing is vague or inconsistent, making it challenging to obtain accurate upfront quotes, compare service providers, and budget effectively.

Meanwhile, inefficiency involves scheduling and paperwork.

  • Scheduling: Long wait times or rigid appointment windows
  • Paperwork: Manual processes for estimates, invoicing, and scheduling that can be slow and error-prone

Limited communication channels can frustrate customers when it comes to responses. Slow responses also make it difficult to get immediate help because it can take days or weeks to hear back from some service providers.

How AI Transforms the Home Services Industry

AI emerges as a solution to the issues plaguing the home services industry. Here’s how:

Improved Diagnostics With Predictive Maintenance

AI-powered diagnostics tools can store and examine vast amounts of data from appliances and systems, predicting when they might require maintenance or fail.

The advantages for technicians include:

  • Focused repairs – Technicians can reduce the time spent diagnosing the issue because AI helps identify the specific problem area, allowing them to address the core issue quickly.
  • Fewer emergency calls – Unexpected breakdowns will be less frequent, allowing technicians to focus on customers with significant issues.

Examples of how home service providers use AI today are as follows:

  • Electricians: They use AI software to design and install electrical systems and troubleshoot problems accurately and quickly.
  • HVAC Technicians: They use AI software to diagnose and repair HVAC issues and optimize HVAC system performance for comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Plumbers: They use AI cameras to inspect drains and pipes for leaks and examine water quality.

Automated Project Management

AI can automate project management by streamlining appointments, scheduling, dispatch, routing, and paperwork.

Streamlined appointments and scheduling use historical data to predict customer needs, letting customers book online appointments with options for estimated service windows or real-time availability.

AI can optimize schedules based on skills and location for dispatch and routing, ensuring the right plumbers, technicians, electricians, or HVAC servicers are dispatched.

Moreover, home service providers can minimize paperwork by automating appointment reminders and administrative tasks, allowing technicians to focus on their jobs.

Virtual Consultations

Home service providers can manage inquiries, guide customers through self-service options, and provide real-time updates with AI chatbots.

These virtual assistants let customers initiate conversations and provide diagnostic questions before in-person visits.

For instance, if homeowners suspect plumbing leaks, the chatbots may ask about unusual noises, pressure changes, or water discoloration, providing technicians with clear information about the problems.

With these virtual consultations, technicians can arrive prepared with the appropriate tools and parts, reducing the time spent on repairs and the need for multiple trips.

Thus, you can build trust by proactively responding to customers’ specific needs.

Image by Freepik on Freepik

AR Assistance

Augmented reality, or AR, creates a hybrid environment by overlaying digital information, including sound, visual, and other sensory elements, onto the physical world. It uses computer hardware and software, such as apps, screens, consoles, or projections.

With AI-powered AR devices, like AR apps or glasses, technicians can view an information overlay of the appliance or system they’re inspecting or repairing.

For example, when fixing a malfunctioning HVAC system, the AR glasses highlight essential components while providing real-time data on airflow, system diagnostics, and temperature levels.

This contextual guidance helps minimize the likelihood of mistakes, resulting in faster and more accurate fixes.

At the same time, technicians can consult a comprehensive database for troubleshooting techniques and manufacturer specifications, reducing downtimes and the need to review manuals.

Enhanced Customer Service

With AI designed to handle appointments and deliver real-time updates, customers can receive efficient services.

For instance, an AI-powered plumber answering service can revolutionize how plumbing businesses handle customer inquiries and emergencies.

These services can receive multiple calls simultaneously, provide call recordings and transcriptions, and send instant email and SMS notifications to plumbers in the field. This ensures no customer call goes unanswered and that plumbers can respond promptly to urgent situations, like a burst pipe or overflowing toilet.

If a customer reports a burst pipe, the AI receptionist will acquire the essential information and then route the request to the appropriate and available plumber.

The quality of after-service support is also crucial to customer satisfaction. AI systems can help optimize this support by automating follow-up appointments, sending reminders, and offering maintenance advice.

For example, the AI can alert homeowners about routine filter replacements or system inspections based on usage data.

Additionally, you can continuously refine your after-service support by collecting customer feedback

through AI survey tools.

Skill Augmentations

The prevalence of AI doesn’t mean it will replace technicians. Instead, it will help them evolve.

These skill augmentations help technicians diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair issues more efficiently.

For instance, AI diagnostics tools can help enhance technicians’ problem-solving skills.

Furthermore, AI can provide personalized training modules with relevant resources. Whether it’s emerging best practices or new installation and repair techniques, your technicians can access tailored learning opportunities to help them remain efficient.

Such skill enhancements help ensure your technicians work smarter and provide customers with accurate and proactive solutions to their home service needs.

The Benefits of AI in Home Services

The integration of AI in the home services industry offers numerous benefits for both service providers and customers.

According to an Accenture report, AI has the potential to boost productivity in the home services sector by up to 40% and reduce costs by up to 20%. This increase in efficiency can lead to faster response times, more accurate diagnoses, and ultimately, higher customer satisfaction rates.

Moreover, AI can help home service businesses scale their operations without significantly increasing their workforce. By automating scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing tasks, companies can handle more customers with the same number of employees, leading to increased revenue and profitability.

AI is transforming the home services industry by addressing key challenges such as inefficiency, slow response times, and lack of transparency.

By leveraging AI-powered tools and technologies, home service providers can streamline their operations, enhance customer experiences, and remain competitive in a rapidly digitalizing marketplace.

As the industry continues to evolve, those who embrace AI will be poised to thrive in the years to come.

Invest in AI To Upscale Your Home Services

AI adoption is no longer just a forward-thinking strategy—it is now imperative to stay competitive in the home services industry.

AI enables you to deliver efficient services with quicker results, simplify complex workflows, and optimize communication channels, reducing administrative burdens and creating a seamless customer experience.

In a market that defines success through precision and customer satisfaction, investing in AI will help you stay agile and adaptable while meeting the diverse demands of your clients.


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