How To Choose The Right Curtain Length, Plus Tips For Measuring

May 31, 2024

Choosing the right curtain length is essential to enhance window functionality and overall ambience. Whether you cover your living room, bedroom, or dining area window, you must choose an ideal curtain piece that ensures maximum privacy and light control.

This article has developed a comprehensive yet easy guide to choosing a perfect curtain length that assures a perfect fitting to window dimension. We have also listed some vital tips for measuring the precise size of window curtains. By considering these valuable tips, you can design a perfect curtain length to enhance your window elegance and outlook.

Choose The Right Curtain Length | A Perfect Guide

While choosing the right curtains Dubai for your window, you must consider multiple factors including window height & design, ceiling height, interior theme, and functional needs.

Standard Curtain Lengths

The manufacturers craft the curtains in multiple standard lengths such as 44, 66, 84, 94, 108, 120, and 144 inches. However, you can select a custom-size curtain per your basic requirements for a complementary approach.

Different Styles For Curtain Lengths

When selecting an appropriate curtain for your living space window, you must consider style and design. A curtain with an eye-catching design or style improves the window's aesthetics. We have enlisted some common curtain-length styles for your better understanding. Explore these styles and determine which will be perfect for your window covering.

1- Floor Length: These curtains have extended height to touch the floor surface.

2- Apron Break: Apron break curtains slightly extend below the window sill.

3- Window Sill: These curtains are long enough to touch the sill.

4- Puddle Break: The additional length keeps the curtain sitting on the floor.

5- Trouser Break: These curtains hang a few inches above the floor surface.

If you have a DIY plan to hang curtains with a perfect length, width, and style, you must also consider some other factors such as rod height & width and curtain width.

Measure Rod Width

To determine the rod width precisely, you must have a measuring tape. Take accurate measurements of the window from the right side to the left side and add 3-4 inches extra to this value. After adding, this total value will be your complete rod width. Adding these extra inches assures maximum window coverage on both sides to enhance privacy and light control.

Determine Rod Height

If you’re confused about determining rod height or hanging the curtains, this is a very easy step. You must fix the rod 5-6 inches above the window's top edge. Hanging curtains in Dubai above the window frame gives the illusion of a larger window. In addition, it also ensures maximum privacy and a mind-blowing window interior.

Measure Curtain Width

Take precise measurements of your window width from the right to the left side. Then multiply this value by 2 or 3 to enhance the curtain’s width 2-3 times as compared to the window width. Covering the window with wider curtains assures maximum coverage on both sides.

Consider Curtain Header

Sometimes, you must consider your curtain's header style for a precise length. Because we usually take the curtain length from the curtain rod to the desired height. The different header styles of your curtain such as grommet, tab-top, rod pocket, or pleats can affect the overall length of your curtain. In the case of the grommet or tab header style, measure the size of the curtains from the grommet or tab to the desired height.

How To Measure Curtain Length | Effective Tips

  • While taking measurements for curtain length, always use a steel-made measuring tape. Rubber, plastic, or fabric tape can stretch and modify your values.
  • Don’t rely on standard curtain widths and lengths, always ensure custom sizes by taking precise measurements.
  • Consult with a professional to choose a specific length style that can complement your interior design and theme.
  • Whether going with any custom style, always hang a curtain pole or track a few inches above the window frame.
  • Take curtain and window measurements twice or thrice for accuracy and precise results.
  • Consider curtain fabrics because they have specific features such as stretchiness, stiffness, or thickness.

Wrapping Up!

Covering the window with a perfect-sized curtain not only enhances privacy but also makes your interior more appealing. Beginners usually face difficulty in choosing the perfect length for their window curtains. In this informative guide, we have elaborated some major principles that assist you in selecting an appropriate size for your window curtains.

While selecting the right length, always consider rod width, rod height, curtain width, and header style to avoid any inconvenience. For your better approach, we have also mentioned some unique tips that make your journey effortless and fruitful.


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