How to Create a Modern Bathroom

May 31, 2024

Modern bathrooms use a unique combination of colour, patterns, materials, and layout to form a tranquil space. As warm as you want a bathroom, you want at least a little luxury and style. Providing your bathroom with a distinct personality is all a part of the fun of decorating.

Within a modern aesthetic, there are many potential trends, decor, and layout pieces to use. Here is how to create a modern bathroom packed floor-to-ceiling with character.

Lay Down Minimalist Tiles

Regarding flooring, keep it simple with your tiles. Keep it minimalist. If there is a pattern or geometric shape, try not to make them appear busy. Please give it a sleek, simple look.

Choose Pretty Wall Decor

If you haven't wallpapered your bathroom walls, wall decor is something to focus on as a way to treat the room. Add personality, but ensure decor pieces are waterproof and moisture-tolerant.

Make an Accent Wall

Create an accent wall for your bathroom with floor-to-ceiling tile, layered materials, wood panelling, or a waterproof art mural. There are many ways to give your washroom the feel of an accent wall.

Build Around a Walk In Bathtub

Don't bother with a walk-in shower, heavy-set bathtub, or free-standing tub design. Instead, opt for walk in bathtubs. Enjoy a seamless transition from the floor to your tub, which is ideal for bathrooms of all sizes.

Use Brass Fixtures

Brass is a classic modern bathroom aesthetic. Brushed brass fixtures, handles, and even brass trim around your mirror can add style.

Set In a Large Borderless Mirror

A large borderless mirror adds space while bouncing around light from any window. Brighten up your space. Make it feel bigger. Feel free to go to the limit with the mirror you select.

Drop a Highly Stylized Rug

Every modern bathroom includes at least one area rug or runner to provide a soft surface for feet to hit. Rugs come in various sizes, styles, and budgets, making them an easy 'yes!' for any interior designer or decorator.

Add Warm Wood Accents

Warm wood brings your modern bathroom into focus. Wood is an inexpensive material, yet it carries such weight. A simple wood accent or accessory here and there instantly upgrades.

Choose an Earthy Color Palette

Many choose an earthy palette to outfit their bathroom with. Black, brown, and earthy green all communicate life and nature.

Incorporate Laser-Cut Materials

Laser-cut patterns and details to attract. Create alternative, intricate designs and cut them from solid materials. There are no limits.

Highlight the View or Hang Light-Filtering Curtains

Don't run from it if you're fortunate to have a view. Set your tub in front of your window and enjoy looking out over nature in front of you. Set up a stylish waterproof curtain for bathrooms without a view to filter natural light through instead.

Smart Storage Solutions Everywhere

If possible, storage space in a large bathroom should be kept away from private square footage. Find smart storage solutions that can be easily placed in unused nooks and crannies throughout the space.

Try an Open Layout

Most bathrooms already have an open layout; however, if yours still needs it, remove what you can to provide as much openness as possible. Available space to do what you must in the bathroom is a must.

Use a Half Wall For Privacy

This is especially true if you know multiple people use the bathroom, such as you and a partner, who have a half wall installed for privacy.

Create an Adjoining Wet Room

Contemporary bathrooms may have a wet room. This is a minimalist space with floor-to-ceiling tile where you can dry off after a bath and prepare for the rest of your day.

Add Trim and Molding

Incorporating trim and moulding is another way to enhance the room and add grandeur. It will elevate your bathroom design significantly. With trim and moulding, one can be bold with contrasting colours, keep it light, or get creative with how these architectural details are crafted.

Position In a Centerpiece

Add a pop of colour, even though it should be displayed sparingly. Add a centrepiece that is a talking point—a fun surprise element in your bright, modern bathroom.

Blend In a Shower Bench

Anyone who chooses a shower stall over a bathtub, pair it with a shower bench. This provides a comfortable place to sit, lay down some shampoo and soap, and finish a head-to-toe clean without overstretching or awkwardly holding your leg in the air to get it all done.


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