How to Create Impactful Social Media Posts

May 31, 2024

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools that exist today. Brands that leverage it properly see a high return on their marketing budgets. Success on social media comes down to your content, how you engage with your audience, and how well you can get them to enter a sales funnel. All this requires knowing how to create impactful posts, so let's look at some way you can do so.

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Use Colours To Draw People In

Colours can be powerful when used right in social media posts. The main place you can use eye-catching and attention-grabbing colours is in your social media graphics. If your brand colours are already bright enough, you can incorporate them tastefully into your graphics. However, you can ask your designer to check out options like the magenta or fuchsia colour code for a bright and interesting colour that can uplift your social media graphics.

When choosing colours, pick ones that you can pair easily with others. For example, you can pair fuchsia with greens, yellows, and reds with amazing results. You can do the same with blues, but do not go too dark because doing so will make them seem muted and people will likely pass your posts over.

Create Compelling Hooks

There are additional ways to hook people that you can use alongside amazing graphics. One of the most effective ways is asking thought-provoking questions relevant to your target audience. Such questions can make them stop, think, and comment on your post with their thoughts.

An alternative to questions is bold statements. You can make a statement about a topic your audience is passionate about and share your observations, insights, and opinions. Social media users are quick to provide their thoughts and opinions on such posts, so you will likely receive lots of engagement from doing this.

If you use this tactic, do so in moderation. People will catch onto what you are doing and start accusing you of engagement farming. This can ruin your credibility, and you will likely see the effectiveness of future social media posts plummet after this.

Use Compelling Content

Your content marketing strategy should also extend to social media. As you plan content for your other advertising and marketing mediums, remember to set aside time and a budget for your social media content.

Even when crafted well, there are things you can do to increase the effectiveness of your social media content. One is using storytelling. Storytelling is a powerful but underutilised tool, especially on social media. People love stories, so they are more likely to be intrigued and engaged if you weave a narrative into your posts.

Take your audience on a journey that showcases your products, services, and brand through compelling stories. As you do this, develop a common thread between all your posts. Doing this will make people who read your previous posts feel like they are continuing to read them when they encounter a new one.

Also, do not shy away from using humour in your content. Many brands take themselves too seriously and do not use humour on social media. People love to laugh or find humorous relief at the end of a long day or as they scroll through social media. Share relatable content, funny memes, and witty captions to lighten your audience's mood and increase engagement.

As with other strategies, use this one in moderation, too. Social media users are now more savvy than ever and will quickly notice you are being inauthentic. If you post humorous content for the sake of doing so without thought or reason behind it, they will notice and will not want to interact with your brand because they now deem inauthentic.

Optimise Your Content for Each Platform

Marketers and business owners are busy people, so it is understandable when you use the same content across different social media platforms. While it may seem like you save time by doing so, you are likely wasting money. Why? What works on one social media platform might not work on the next.

Each platform is unique and has a unique audience. You need to cater to each audience if you want your posts to be impactful on different platforms. You need to know what type of content to create and the best time to post on each.

Many businesses, especially small ones, do not know how to get the most out of social media. In this digital age, creating and posting content is no longer enough. You need to understand your audience and the type of content it likes, how different platforms work, and how to get people from social media to your website or marketing funnel. Engaging content, content customization, and custom strategies for each platform should help you achieve the results you wish from social media.


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