Making a Career Change: Pharmacy Jobs in Illinois vs. Oregon

May 31, 2024

Making a Career Change: Pharmacy Jobs in Illinois vs. Oregon

Introduction to Pharmacy Careers

This shows that pharmacy has many career opportunities and can be pursued in retail pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics. This is especially important whether you are a newbie to the profession or a working pharmacist who is thinking about changing professional fields. In this article, we discuss Pharmacy Jobs in Illinois and Oregon, analyzing the key factors to enable you to decide which option is best for you.

Overview of Pharmacy Jobs in Illinois

Healthcare is well-developed in Illinois, and there are many vacancies for pharmacists. Walgreens is one of the significant healthcare systems and pharmacy chains located in the state, and this firm has its headquarters in Deerfield. This means that the need for pharmacists in both developed and underdeveloped areas is very high.

Employment Opportunities and Growth

In Illinois, there are many different types of jobs available to pharmacists. Various large cities such as Chicago and Springfield have numerous hospitals and clinics; however, demand is also observed in rural areas. The employment of this professional in Illinois has been predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to expand, and this indicates the growing demand for pharmacists within the healthcare industry.

Salary and Benefits

The salary rates that pharmacists in Illinois are paid are good. The average annual salary for pharmacists in Illinois is roughly $125000, as mentioned by the BLS. Also, with competitive compensation and good working conditions, the state provides good benefits packages such as health insurance, retirement benefits, and opportunities to continue with education, thus making it ideal for pharmacists.

Overview of Pharmacy Jobs in Oregon

Oregon is one of the most beautiful states that offers progressive healthcare policies and career opportunities for pharmacists. It values patient-oriented care and the utilization of progressive approaches in delivering pharmacy services, which may interest those with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Employment Opportunities and Growth

Opportunities for employment in the field of pharmacy in Oregon are numerous, and the demand for pharmacists is particularly high in large cities such as Portland and Salem. Oregon's focus on public health and the advancements of community pharmacy practices contribute to good employment opportunities. The BLS also highlights the healthcare industry, alongside pharmacy professions, as promising due to the expanding elderly population and improved healthcare accessibility.

Salary and Benefits

The average pay for pharmacists working in Oregon is significantly average because it is estimated to be around $130,000 per year, as approved by the BLS. Oregon employees get numerous benefits from their employers, such as medical and dental insurance, pension schemes, and training programs. Also, the opportunity to have a better work-life balance and quality of life in Oregon can be an added advantage for pharmacists.

Comparing Work Environments

Illinois: Urban vs. Rural Settings

Illinois offers pharmacists a wide range of working environments, from the large cosmopolitan city of Chicago with its high-stress atmosphere and diverse clientele to rural areas, which are more laid-back. Cities and towns offer more employment opportunities and higher wages than rural regions, but the latter is characterized by stronger community ties and fewer workplace pressures.

Oregon: Emphasis on Innovation

Some of the main peculiarities of the work environment in Oregon include the focus on innovation in the sphere of healthcare. Community/Population Health Pharmacists provide care, education, prevention, and wellness services in Oregon. This proactive approach may prove to be especially beneficial to pharmacists who want to effect change regarding patient care.

Making Your Decision

Some of the aspects that need to be considered when choosing between Pharmacy Jobs in Illinois and Pharmacy Jobs Oregon include the availability of the jobs, the rate of salary, any extra benefits attached to the jobs, the workplace environment, and the general personal lifestyle. Both states boast good employment prospects for pharmacists, so the choice will depend on which state offers the kind of professional setting and personal amenities you prefer.


Switching to a career in pharmacy, either in Illinois or Oregon, holds great prospects. Both Illinois and Oregon provide lucrative employment opportunities in a range of career fields with higher wages and benefits than the national average. Still, Oregon also boasts of excellence in healthcare delivery systems and quality living standards. Consider your needs and decide which state is best for you, depending on your professional and personal goals.


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