Most Dangerous Cities in Kentucky: Top 5 Revealed

May 24, 2024

most dangerous cities in Kentucky

In the state of Kentucky, certain cities have gained notoriety for their elevated crime rates. Understanding these rankings can help both residents and visitors to make informed decisions about their safety. Below, we list the top five most dangerous cities in Kentucky, based on recent crime data from the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting program.

5. Shively

Shively, located in Jefferson County, earns its place as the fifth most dangerous city in Kentucky. With a population of roughly 15,000, the city experiences a high crime rate compared to its small size. Residents face a 1 in 16 chance of being a victim of property crime and a slightly lower, yet concerning, rate for violent crimes. Despite local efforts to improve safety, challenges remain significant due to inadequate resources and economic hurdles.

4. Covington

Covington, situated just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio, ranks fourth on this list. The city has a mix of urban and suburban areas, with a crime index that shows a higher level of violent crimes than the national average. Issues like drug activity and economic disparity exacerbate the crime rates. Community leaders and law enforcement are continuously working on strategies to improve public safety, including neighborhood watch programs and increased police presence.

3. Pikeville

Pikeville, known for its picturesque landscapes in eastern Kentucky, also faces substantial crime issues, particularly property crimes. With a crime rate of approximately 42 per 1,000 residents, the city ranks third on this list. Efforts to enhance safety include community policing and outreach programs focused on the youth to prevent crime before it starts. Nonetheless, the city's allure is somewhat marred by the persistent crime issues that concern both locals and authorities.

2. Newport

Newport, situated along the Ohio River, is a city that has struggled with high crime rates for years. Ranking as the second most dangerous city in Kentucky, Newport faces challenges with both violent and property crimes. With tourism being a significant part of its economy, particularly attractions like the Newport Aquarium, ensuring the safety of residents and visitors is vital. Efforts include increasing police patrols in high-risk areas and investing in community-based crime prevention programs.

1. Louisville

Largest in population, Louisville tops the list as the most dangerous city in Kentucky. The city deals with a high volume of violent crimes, including homicides, robberies, and aggravated assaults, contributing to its notorious reputation. Despite having a vibrant cultural scene and historical significance, parts of Louisville are plagued by crime, more so than any other city in the state. City officials and community leaders are implementing comprehensive safety measures, but the journey to significant improvement remains ongoing.

City Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents) Property Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents)
Shively 10.7 64.0
Covington 6.3 41.7
Pikeville 4.5 42.0
Newport 7.0 72.3
Louisville 9.7 52.3

By understanding the dynamics and challenges faced by these cities, residents and visitors can make more informed decisions about their safety. For further crime reporting data, you can visit the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting program. For more insights and articles, visit our front page.

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