Most Dangerous Cities in Wisconsin: A 2023 Ranking

May 25, 2024

most dangerous cities in Wisconsin

While Wisconsin is often celebrated for its vibrant cities and beautiful landscapes, it also has its share of urban areas with notable crime rates. Understanding which cities are considered the most dangerous can be crucial for potential visitors or residents. Here, we explore the top five most dangerous cities in Wisconsin, based on the latest data from the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

5. Racine

Racine is the fifth-largest city in Wisconsin and is prominently known as a manufacturing hub. Despite its historical architecture and role in the manufacturing industry, Racine has experienced an uptick in certain types of crime. Over recent years, residents have reported increases in assaults, burglaries, and arson. The local authorities are working on various initiatives to curtail crime, but challenges persist. The poverty rate and economic factors significantly contribute to the city's crime rate, making it a concern for policymakers and residents alike.

4. La Crosse

La Crosse, a city with a population of approximately 51,000, has been taking strides to improve its safety. Despite these efforts, it faces challenges in reducing its crime rates. Violent crimes, including assault and robbery, are prevalent issues that the city contends with. However, investments in community programs and local initiatives seem to be slowly turning the tide. Local law enforcement and community leaders are hopeful that continued focus on safety will lead to better future rankings and enhanced quality of life for its residents.

3. Green Bay

Known globally for the Green Bay Packers, the city of Green Bay also grapples with a significant crime rate. Particularly, property crimes have been a major issue, influenced by a poverty rate of over 16%. Residents often express concern over frequent incidents of theft, burglary, and vandalism. Violent crimes such as rape and assault have seen spikes recently, compelling local authorities to revisit their policing and community safety strategies. In spite of these challenges, Green Bay remains a dynamic city with a lot to offer in terms of culture and community.

2. Appleton

Appleton is the sixth-largest city in Wisconsin, with a vibrant community and several major employers such as Thrivent Financial and Affinity Health System. However, crime remains a significant problem. The city has seen a rise in violent crimes such as assaults and rapes, contrasting with the declining state averages. These crime rates have placed Appleton among the more dangerous cities in Wisconsin, despite ongoing efforts to enhance public safety through increased policing and community programs. The residents remain optimistic about the future, hoping for better crime statistics in the coming years.

1. Milwaukee

Milwaukee, the largest city in Wisconsin with a population of over 570,000, ranks as the most dangerous city in the state. A high rate of violent crime, including robbery, assault, and homicide, marks its crime profile. Despite substantial efforts to reform and improve safety, Milwaukee's crime rates remain a pressing issue. Economic challenges and a poverty rate of 22.4% exacerbate the situation, prompting extensive community and governmental intervention. While property crimes have significantly dropped since 2006, the city still faces substantial hurdles in ensuring the safety of its residents.

City Violent Crime Rate (per 100,000 inhabitants) Property Crime Rate (per 100,000 inhabitants)
Racine 377.5 2,305.1
La Crosse 253.3 2,507.5
Green Bay 316.1 2,504.9
Appleton 183.0 2,093.6
Milwaukee 1,413.6 3,870.5

For those interested in further analysis of crime data across Wisconsin, the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program provides comprehensive statistics and insights.

To stay updated on more articles about urban living, safety, and city rankings, feel free to visit our front page. Stay informed, stay safe.

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