Most Dangerous Cities in Wyoming: Top 5 Revealed

May 25, 2024

most dangerous cities in Wyoming

Wyoming, often associated with its breathtaking landscapes and sparse population, is not exempt from crime. Based on FBI statistics, some cities have become infamous for their crime rates, making them the most dangerous in the state. Here, we count down the top five most dangerous cities in Wyoming, from the fifth to the first.

## 5. Casper

Casper, with a population of around 58,656, is known for its high property crime rates. According to 2019 FBI data, the city has a violent crime rate of 2.34 per 1,000 residents, but it's the property crimes that concern most residents. With a property crime risk of 1 in 31, Casper has seen significant issues with theft and burglary. The socio-economic factors, including fluctuations in employment rates, contribute to the ongoing struggle with crime. Community initiatives and law enforcement efforts are vital in attempting to curb these statistics.

## 4. Evanston

Located near the Utah border, Evanston has a population of approximately 11,814. The city's violent crime rate stands at 3.89 per 1,000 residents, making it one of the higher rates in the state. Evanston is particularly noted for its robbery rates, contributing significantly to its overall standing as one of Wyoming's dangerous cities. The city also faces a property crime rate well above the state average, emphasizing the need for continuous vigilance and security measures within the community.

## 3. Gillette

Gillette, often referred to as the "Energy Capital of the Nation," is home to around 32,030 people. Known for its coal mines and energy industries, Gillette also grapples with notable crime rates. The violent crime rate in Gillette is concerning, highlighting issues such as assault and robbery. Property crime is also a significant concern, with auto theft and burglary ranking high on the list of offenses. Economic instability in the energy sector often exacerbates these crime rates, necessitating ongoing community and law enforcement efforts to manage and reduce crime.

## 2. Cheyenne

As the state capital and largest city, Cheyenne has a population of 65,051. Despite its role as an administrative and cultural hub, Cheyenne struggles with crime. The violent crime rate stands at 3.09 per 1,000 residents, and property crimes are notably high, with a rate of 37.11 per 1,000 residents. Specific areas, especially the south side and historic districts, can be particularly dangerous, especially at night. Despite numerous community initiatives, the crime rates in Cheyenne call for continual attention to security and public safety measures.

## 1. Riverton

Topping the list as the most dangerous city in Wyoming is Riverton. With a population of just over 11,000, the city has been identified as having the highest crime rates in the state. Riverton's violent crime rate is particularly alarming, recorded at 345 per 100,000 residents annually. Apart from violent crimes, property crimes like theft and burglary are rampant, making daily life in Riverton quite challenging for many residents. The combination of socio-economic challenges and limited resources for law enforcement makes addressing these crime rates a continuous struggle for the community.

City Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents) Property Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents)
Casper 2.34 32.26
Evanston 3.89 40.29
Gillette 4.25 30.12
Cheyenne 3.09 37.11
Riverton 3.45 40.30

The crime rates in these cities illustrate that even states like Wyoming, known for their open spaces and natural beauty, aren't immune to crime. For more detailed statistics and data on crime rates across the United States, you can visit the FBI's uniform crime reporting program. For additional information and articles on various topics, be sure to check out the front page of Urban Splatter.

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