OUDER Smile Fusion or Iceberg: Your Perfect Fit?

May 27, 2024

Hey everyone, Finn here. Today, I'm excited to introduce two special kicks from OUDER: Smile Fusion and Smile Iceberg.

Let's take a closer look at what makes Smile Iceberg stand out this summer!


Smile Fusion: Where Luxury Meets Toughness

First up, let's talk about Smile Fusion. The standout feature of these shoes is their exquisite craftsmanship, primarily made from premium cowhide. This high-quality waxed cowhide not only enhances the overall texture of the shoes but also ensures durability and comfort.

Visually, they're unique, unlike the suede material you often see everywhere. Instead, they come with longer faux cow hair attached to the shoe upper, giving it a wild yet orderly zebra print vibe, soft and smooth to the touch. Plus, they feature an EPR rubber sole, providing excellent elasticity and wear resistance, whether you're hitting the gym or commuting. Smile Fusion isn't just for casual wear; it also showcases your unique taste in formal settings.


Smile Iceberg: Where Freshness Meets Performance

On the other hand, Smile Iceberg focuses more on a fresh and minimalist design. Made from high-grade canvas, these kicks are not only lightweight and comfortable but also easy to clean and maintain. Sporting a vibrant ice-blue color, they're especially refreshing and inviting in the summer, giving you a dopamine rush just by looking at them! Like Smile Fusion, Smile Iceberg also features an EPR rubber sole, ensuring durability and comfort.

What sets Smile Iceberg apart is its canvas and breathable mesh lining, keeping your feet cool and relaxed in hot and humid summer conditions. The PU and mesh insole offers support and bounce, making every step feel comfortable and light. The design philosophy of Smile Iceberg is to provide a lightweight, breathable shoe for those who seek fashion and eco-consciousness in the summer heat.

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Which One's Your Jam?

If you prefer luxury feel and durability, Smile Fusion is definitely your go-to. Its waxed cowhide is not only wear-resistant but also gets softer and more comfortable over time, perfect for those who seek quality and long-term wear.

If lightweight and minimalist is more your style, Smile Iceberg is perfect for you. Its high-grade canvas material is not only easy to maintain but also offers excellent breathability in the hot summer, keeping you fresh at all times.

No matter which one you choose, both these kicks represent OUDER's commitment to high quality and sustainability. Each pair is a unique journey, blending fashion and nature seamlessly. Visit the OUDER website now and choose your special pair of shoes!




Q1: What is the main material used in Smile Fusion shoes?

A1: Smile Fusion shoes are primarily made from premium waxed cowhide, which enhances durability, comfort, and overall texture.


Q2: What makes the Smile Fusion shoes' design unique?

A2: Smile Fusion features longer faux cow hair on the shoe upper, creating a wild yet orderly zebra print vibe, which is soft and smooth to the touch.


Q3: Are Smile Fusion shoes suitable for formal occasions?

A3: Yes, Smile Fusion shoes are versatile and can be worn for both casual and formal settings, showcasing unique taste and style.


Q4: What materials are used in Smile Iceberg shoes?

A4: Smile Iceberg shoes are made from high-grade canvas and feature a breathable mesh lining, making them lightweight, comfortable, and easy to clean.


Q5: How do Smile Iceberg shoes perform in hot weather?

A5: Smile Iceberg shoes are designed with breathability in mind. The canvas and mesh lining keep your feet cool and relaxed in hot and humid summer conditions.


Q6: What is the insole material in Smile Iceberg shoes?

A6: Smile Iceberg shoes have a PU and mesh insole that offers excellent support and bounce, ensuring comfort and lightness with every step.


Q7: Do both Smile Fusion and Smile Iceberg shoes have the same sole material?

A7: Yes, both shoes feature an EPR rubber sole, which provides excellent elasticity and wear resistance.


Q8: Which OUDER shoe is better for long-term wear?

A8: Smile Fusion shoes are ideal for long-term wear due to their durable waxed cowhide, which becomes softer and more comfortable over time.


Q9: Are Smile Iceberg shoes easy to maintain?

A9: Yes, Smile Iceberg shoes are easy to maintain, thanks to their high-grade canvas material that is simple to clean.


Q10: Where can I purchase Smile Fusion and Smile Iceberg shoes?

A10: You can purchase both Smile Fusion and Smile Iceberg shoes from the OUDER website.

Choosing between Smile Fusion and Smile Iceberg depends on your personal style and preferences. Whether you lean towards the luxurious and durable feel of Smile Fusion or the lightweight and breathable design of Smile Iceberg, OUDER has crafted each pair with care, ensuring high quality and sustainability. Visit the OUDER website now to find your perfect fit and step into the season with style and comfort!



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