Philip Rivers Net Worth: NFL Career and Post-Retirement Success

May 24, 2024

Philip Rivers' final season in the NFL marked the culmination of a remarkable 17-year career. Initially drafted by the New York Giants, Rivers was traded to the San Diego Chargers, where he spent 16 seasons before moving to the Indianapolis Colts for his final year in 2020. With career earnings exceeding $250 million, Rivers made his mark on the league both financially and on the field.

Career Overview and Achievements

Rivers' tenure with the Chargers, spanning their time in both San Diego and Los Angeles, was marked by significant accomplishments. Accumulating over $230 million in earnings with the Chargers alone, he ranks sixth on the NFL all-time passing yards and touchdowns list. Despite never playing in a Super Bowl, Rivers is widely considered to be on his way to the Hall of Fame, bolstered by 8 Pro Bowl selections over his career. His final contract with the Colts was a one-year deal worth $25 million, bringing his career earnings to impressive heights.

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Personal Life

Off the field, Rivers leads a fulfilling personal life. Married to his wife Tiffany for over 22 years, the couple is expecting their 10th child in October. They reside in Fairhope, Alabama, where Rivers has embraced a modest lifestyle, dedicating his post-retirement efforts to coaching high school football at St. Michael Catholic High School.

Post-Retirement Activities

Following his retirement, Rivers turned down opportunities in media to pursue his dream of coaching high school football, an aspiration he shared with his father. In 2020, he expressed his desire to enter coaching, driven by his two childhood dreams of playing in the NFL and coaching at the high school level. This transition reflects Rivers' deep-rooted passion for the sport and his commitment to nurturing young talent.

Family Legacy in Football

The Rivers family legacy continues through his oldest son, Gunner, who is set to debut as the starting quarterback for Philip's team at St. Michael Catholic High School in 2023. This mirrors Philip's own experience of playing quarterback for his father's team, showcasing the enduring influence of football in their family.

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Financial Success

While Rivers now leads a modest lifestyle, his career earnings place him among the top-earning players in NFL history. Forbes ranked him #88 among the top 100 earning athletes of 2020, with a considerable average yearly salary of $23.4 million. Despite retiring from professional play, Rivers' financial achievements remain notable, reflecting his success both on and off the field.

Category Details
Draft and Teams Drafted by New York Giants, traded to San Diego Chargers, final season with Indianapolis Colts
Career Duration 17 years (16 with Chargers, 1 with Colts)
Total Career Earnings Over $250 million
Earnings with Chargers Over $230 million
Final Contract One-year deal worth $25 million with Colts
Rankings 6th in NFL all-time passing yards and touchdowns
Pro Bowl Selections 8 times
Personal Life Married to Tiffany, expecting 10th child, resides in Fairhope, Alabama
Post-Retirement Coaching high school football at St. Michael Catholic High School
Family Legacy Son, Gunner, set to debut as starting quarterback for Rivers' team in 2023
Average Yearly Salary $23.4 million
Forbes Ranking (2020) #88 among top 100 earning athletes
"Philip Rivers" by San Diego Shooter is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

In sum, Philip Rivers' career, characterized by significant earnings, impressive achievements, and a lasting impact on the sport, paints a picture of a well-rounded and dedicated individual. Transitioning seamlessly from an NFL star to a high school football coach, Rivers continues to leave his mark on the football world while prioritizing family and personal fulfillment.

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