Players like Soul App are Leading the AI Socialization Revolution

May 28, 2024


In 2024, major internet players are once again engaged in a fierce battle in the social arena. In this round of competition, AI is a core element as AI socialization has become a new trend. The winner will get to enjoy greater user traction and will, above all, earn more of two rare resources - user attention span and time. Like other companies, Soul App too has jumped into the fray with its myriad of AI-driven platform features.

Outside China, Hume.AI, announced a $50 million Series B financing with a valuation of $219 million. Its conversational artificial intelligence feature distinguishes itself by being able to understand people's tones and capture their emotions, achieving warm emotional interaction.

Previously, Character.AI, an AI chatbot platform, set a record of over 1.7 million mobile downloads in its first week online. It is reported that Character.AI, which has completed Series A financing, is currently in negotiations for a new round of funding. Market insiders believe that this deal may push the valuation of this startup to between $5 billion and $6 billion.

All of this goes to prove that AI socialization is here to stay. Moreover, as the capabilities of AIGC technology follow an upward trajectory, the demand for AI socialization will grow in leaps and bounds. But, what has led to this burgeoning interest in the use of AI technology?

In early 2024, Soul App’s Just So Soul Research Institute, focusing on trends among young people, included "human-computer interaction" as one of the key social keywords in the "2024 Social Trend Insight Report". The report pointed out that loneliness remains the main problem plaguing young people, with 64.5% of young people feeling lonely from time to time.

The responses to this survey clarified that in addition to real-world friends, youngsters also seek companionship from "virtual people, virtual idols" created by AI. In fact, Gen Z and Gen Alpha are keen on building diverse social relationships, including connections with artificial intelligence. So, the need for AI- use definitely exists.

Added to this is the fact that the new wave of technological innovation driven by AIGC allows accumulated data to be used in the most meaningful ways to enhance C-end experience. This brings capabilities, which were hitherto unavailable, to the social equation.

Because data accumulation ultimately and directly determines AI product competitiveness and user experience, companies with high-quality data assets, like Soul App, already have an upper hand in this AI-fuelled battle. Soul’s daily active user averages about 70 one-on-one private chat messages per day, and the number of new content releases in a year exceeds 600 million instances.

With its highly active and sticky ecosystem, as well as a large number of public domain social scenes such as one-to-many and many-to-many interactions, Soul has accumulated a huge amount of high-quality social data, which can greatly improve model training effectiveness, reduce training costs, and increase iteration speed. From the perspective of data, the platform currently has the richest and most diverse social data after national-level communication platforms.

Moreover, Soul’s ability to find corresponding application scenarios has also contributed to its lead in this heated race. Having rich C-end scenarios has a direct advantage—it continuously gets high-quality user data feedback. For example, Soul App has innovatively combined AI with gaming mechanism by introducing AI-powered agents in its game interaction scene "Werewolf Awakening".

These game bots accompany users to play the game, and while doing so, they get access to highly pertinent data. This allows the AI players to further hone and humanize their decision-making repertoire, which already includes aspects of human consciousness and behavior such as disguise, trust, leadership, and confrontation.

As far as Soul App’s AI Goudan is concerned, it is one of the few "human-like" conversational AI robots currently available in China. It can provide real-time interactive experiences with virtual characters and has features such as long-term memory, multi-modal interaction, and proactive care.

Soul App also offers other AI products and capabilities on the platform in addition to AI Goudan and the gamebots of Werewolf Awakening. For instance, Soul’s AI chat assistant can generate chat content based on interest maps. The Soul team has also used AI voice capabilities to launch features such as "Soul Dimension Singer" and "Lazy KTV" that allow users to enjoy one-click music creation and AI-assisted duets.

Also, the social platform uses AI for relationship matching. Intelligent algorithms are given access to user profiles centered on interests. This allows the platform to recommend matches that have the same personality traits, proclivities, and inclinations as the user. For this, Soul App’s self-developed Lingxi engine serves as an intelligent recommendation system that taps into the entire social scene of the website to mine pertinent user data through AI technology.

Coupled with the intelligent interaction brought by AI Goudan, these novel and interesting features continuously activate the inclusiveness of the social atmosphere on the platform. Having said that, the introduction of all these features ties back to a clear central idea. Through these, the Soul App team aims to nurture the platform into an AI Native social network that connects the entire social chain with AIGC.

And behind these big bets made by Soul and others on AI socialization lies the high value of enhanced digital socialization which has always been seen as an important lever for traffic. Also, social products often have the characteristics of high user stickiness and hence high commercial value. Hence, it would be safe to suggest that only players like Soul App that can harness the growing power of this technology will walk away with the spoils of this war.


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