Quick Update on the Jomtien Condo Market

May 10, 2024

Thank you for including this article in your research into living in Jomtien Beach Thailand. The Bay of Thailand is awaiting your toes day and night. The sun will set behind a lovely day trip island called Koh Larn giving you a near-perfect view every day. There are Thai, Chinese, and foreigner-focused markets, mobile food vendors, beach yoga, exercise groups, local shops, restaurants, convenience stores, and bars all within walking distance, but we're here to catch you up on local housing market trends.

Real estate market analysis shows Chonburi and Rayong provinces are growing for both Thai and Foreign condo ownership. For the first time in five years (and since COIVD), Chonburi has outpaced Bangkok in Foreign condo sales. Though recently, seasonally, sales slowed slightly. The amount of condos for sale in Jomtien is increasing due to the extensive government investment in the EEC (Eastern Economic Corridor).

For years the government has been investing in highways, bridges, rail links, the power grid, and extending the Map Da Put pier by kilometers. The EEC improvements and business incentives represent massive GDP increase expectations. Their next proposed phases include an “Airport City” around Utapao Airport and a High-Speed rail service to Bangkok.

This investment is, with good reason, attracting entire industrial clusters from digital technologies to medicine, EVs, BCG (Bio circular green) Economy, and commercial aviation services growth. All of those employees need places to live. Rayong is a mostly Thai military, government, and factory city—South of the petroleum city of Map Da Put. The condo market availability and variety in Rayong is very low. To the North, Pattaya is too busy for some buyers and the condo costs are much higher with thinning availability in the market. Jomtien is a nice combination of beach and urban life with air to breathe and space for quiet.

The absorption rate for condos for sale in Jomtien continues to be strong withstanding multiple new construction projects in process and more planned to begin. There is intense competition between developers, which is GREAT news for buyers. However, the area has been built up along the coast for decades. You will not be confined to new construction in your search.

If you prefer there are hidden gems on every Soi and Beach Road section. Finding that one condo for sale in Jomtien may take some real estate market niche strategies, making local knowledge key. Be sure to get to know your broker and that they know the area.

Jomtien is home to Ocean Marina one of few marinas in Thailand and it is especially nice, recently remodeled, and offering anything from day trips to captain training. The World Jet Ski Championships are held in Jomtien, the Muay Thai Championships, the International Canoeing and Tennis Championships, and more events throughout the year. Spend a few days there and enjoy it. Spend two weeks there and you will sell everything and move there. Many do.


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