Security and Trust: eSign API for Secure Document Signing

May 17, 2024

Modern workflows rely on many digital business solutions to handle documents and streamline collaborations. As more applications become available, the need for trust and security increases.

Tools like eSign APIs give businesses the opportunity to collaborate and build relationships without compromising on security. But before adding it to your stack, you should check the e-signature API pricing.

This article explores how to create digital signatures in PDFs and keep the documents secure.

How can I use eSign API for my documents?

Creating an electronic signature in PDFs or any other document format is an easy and seamless process when you use the eSign software. These solutions are stacked with layers of security protocols, so the confidentiality of your document is assured.

To use an eSign API for your documents, here are the steps to follow:


  • Upload the document you want to be signed.
  • Create an email link and share an online signature invitation with the signer.
  • In the space made available for the signature, the signer will insert the signature in the PDF.
  • Once the signer has created their online PDF signature, you receive a notification of the document status.

The eSign API also allows you to track your document progress and keeps you notified of documents that need to be signed. Ultimately, the eSign API allows you to cut down on back and forth, which boosts your productivity.

How can eSign API keep my document secure?

Businesses and individuals need to keep their data secure when working on documents online. Here are ways an eSign API can protect your document.

The signatures are legally binding

The eSign API is recognized as a legal attestation to any form of written business agreement. Documents signed using an eSign API hold value in a court of law, so your clients are legally bound to the agreements constituted in the document.

Also, documents that require you to draw a signature online can capture the user’s metadata, thereby giving it a higher credibility level. In many countries, e-signatures are granted the same status as traditional handwritten signatures and are approved as evidence when the need arises.

It meets compliance standards

An eSign API is equipped with a rigid and up-to-date security system. Lumin Sign has designed the API to be in line with the global standard of security.

The electronic signature solution is compliant with the SOC 2 Type 1 attestation, which ensures that your data is always secure. It is also compliant with the GDPR and other standards.

The API solution has also been certified by Google’s OAuth API Verification Assessment and continues to meet Google’s compliance requirements.

Additionally, the eSign API complies with PCI DSS, which means that your credit, debit, and cash card transactions and associated information are secure and protected.

It has authentication mechanisms.

The eSignature API uses multiple authentication systems to ensure that only verified sources and users have access to your online signature PDF. Its robust security features, like the SSO with Google Workspace, give you control over your confidential documents.

Alternatively, you can verify a user’s identity by entering a one-time password or calling a particular phone number.

A third layer of authentication is the use of valid forms of identification, such as a driver's license, a passport, or a residence permit, to verify the identity of the signers. All of these work to give you total control of your documents and to ensure that your data is secured from hackers.

It uses data encryption and access controls.

Whether your data is at rest or in transit, an eSign API ensures that it is always encrypted. It uses advanced encryption and decryption algorithms to prevent illicit modifications.

The platform encrypts your data using AES 256, a virtually impenetrable algorithm currently considered the most robust encryption standard. The Transport Layer Security 1.2 or higher is employed to encrypt your data, helping ensure your data is secure no matter where you are.

Lumin Sign also employs role-based access control (RBAC) to create fine-grained authorization for clients or individuals you are willing to grant access to your document.

The eSign API is closely monitored through weekly penetration tests, and a bug reporting program is run to encourage reporting.

It establishes a digital paper trail.

Unlike the traditional handwritten signature, which doesn’t allow you to monitor the trail, eSignatures establish a record as the document passes from one place to another.

Lumin Sign’s API creates an audit trail that includes the history of actions taken with the document from when it was opened and viewed up to the point where the instruction to insert an electronic signature in a PDF was reached.

It also employs location-based metadata to determine the signatory’s location. This digital paper trail is open to all transaction members in order to encourage transparency and accountability.

It provides safe storage for sensitive documents

An eSign API allows you to back up all your sensitive data to the cloud automatically. It also gives you the opportunity to edit documents from Google Drive and Dropbox without making copies.

Documents in eSign API storage are encrypted and stored for a specified period only with your permission. This ensures that your data is always synced and backed up, and you never have to worry about losing it.

Signatories get a certificate of completion.

To ensure that you have all the necessary information about your documents, the eSign API offers certificates of completion. These serve as receipts that verify the creation of an online PDF signature.

The details contained could include the names of each signer on the document, a consumer disclosure indicating the signer agreed to use e-signature, the signature image, key event timestamps, and the signer's IP address and other modes of identification. This way, you are legally backed if any problems ensue.


Ensuring confidentiality helps maintain the integrity of the business and fosters trust amongst clients. Implementing proper security protocols is not only a legal requirement but a solid way to reduce risks, such as security breaches and damages.

The eSign API is backed by multiple layers of security, allowing you to automate your business deals and collaborate with clients and colleagues at all times. By utilizing this software in your industry, you accelerate workflow and also confidently secure confidential business data.


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