Shelter Services in Mexico

May 6, 2024


Mexico has firmly established its place as a giant in today’s manufacturing world, and numerous companies have either expanded or completely relocated their production to Mexico. Doing that is an exciting, and potentially extremely profitable and rewarding move, but it does come with its challenges and potential difficulties.

Navigating a new and unfamiliar legal and cultural landscape is a task in itself, and when you have to set up your production from scratch it makes it difficult to keep focus on your core business activities.

This is where shelter service providers find their role. Companies that provide shelter services in Mexico are invaluable to everyone moving to the country, as they handle and expedite many tasks and ensure a seamless move and integration into a new industrial landscape.

Manufacturing in Mexico: A Global Hub

Manufacturing has a long tradition in Mexico, as the country has been attracting foreign investment in this sector for decades. Investments in the textiles, automotive, and electronics manufacturing fields are just some of the most notable ones.

The country owes this to its excellent strategic location, large and skilled workforce, relatively low operational costs, and favorable trade agreements.

Despite increasing competition from other countries, Mexico maintains its popularity and is even recording an increasing number of investments, which just goes to show that the country’s potential is recognized by manufacturers from across the world.

Understanding Shelter Services in Mexico

Shelter services offer a turn-key solution to all companies that want to set up in Mexico. They are vital tools that enable companies to navigate the complexities of a new legal and industrial landscape. They are essentially an intermediary that offers a comprehensive range of services to accelerate the establishment and help with the management of foreign-owned facilities and businesses.

Advantages of using shelter services in Mexico:

Cost efficiency: One of the biggest advantages of using shelter services is cost-effectiveness. Foreign-owned companies can avoid heavy initial investment in infrastructure, equipment, and other resources, and instead use shelter service-provided shared facilities and resources which results in significantly lower expenses and costs.

Risk mitigation: Establishing new facilities in a foreign country comes with significant risks, regardless of the country in question. Regulatory compliance, labor issues, and cultural differences all come with their own “landmines” and potential risks, if not dealt with accordingly. Shelter services mitigate that risk by sharing and providing their expertise in these fields. From legal advice and guidance to even establishing and fostering your relationship with new suppliers and business partners, shelter service providers help navigate unfamiliar territories and ensure a seamless integration of the new company into its new surroundings.

Speed to market: Time is money, and that’s especially true in business. Any business. Shelter service providers accelerate the process of setting up in Mexico, enabling the company to establish their operations quickly by leveraging existing infrastructure and the shelter provider's extensive knowledge of the intricacies of doing business at the new location.

Operational support: Shelter services don’t only help with the initial setting up of the company, but, as mentioned before, they encompass a range of operational support functions that are essential for everyday business operations. From human resources and payroll management to logistics and supply chain optimization, shelter service providers handle everything and ensure that the company can focus on its core business activities while the shelter service provider handles the rest.

Functions of Shelter Services

Legal compliance: Navigating a new legal landscape is oftentimes the most difficult part of setting up operations in a new country. Shelter service providers ensure compliance with all the local and federal laws and regulations, including taxation, environmental regulations, import/export requirements, and labor laws.

Administrative support: Administrative processes are usually time-consuming and, if not handled well, can result in an unnecessary waste of resources. Shelter service providers offer administrative support and ensure that processes like accounting and corporate governance are adequately handled so that the company can focus on its strategic objectives.

Infrastructure and facilities: Setting up a new manufacturing facility from scratch requires a large investment. Shelter service providers offer access to state-of-the-art industrial parks and factories that are equipped with all the essentials that enable the company to start production faster and at a much lower cost.

Human resources management: Finding, recruiting, and managing a skilled workforce is one of the most important parts of establishing a new business. Shelter service providers do that and more, as they also handle the training and retraining. By using their local expertise they ensure that the workforce remains happy and motivated.


Setting up production in a new country comes with many challenges, but by using shelter services in Mexico, manufacturers can be certain that everything from the company registration and legal issues to hiring and managing the workforce and their payrolls will be handled professionally and to the benefit of the manufacturer so that they can focus on their core business activities and targets.


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