Steven Furtick Net Worth: Wealth, Criticisms, and Controversies

May 24, 2024

Wealthy American pastors have long sparked debate over the intersection of faith and finances. At the forefront of this conversation are televangelists who, while commanding significant followings and running highly successful ministries, live lifestyles that many consider lavish.

Kenneth Copeland


Kenneth Copeland, a prominent televangelist, is well-known for preaching the prosperity gospel. This gospel emphasizes that faith, positive speech, and donations to the church can lead to physical and financial well-being.

Wealth and Earnings

With a net worth of approximately $750 million, Copeland has amassed his wealth primarily through his extensive television and radio shows.

Controversial Actions

Copeland has faced criticism for statements made during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as declaring it over on live TV and urging followers to continue tithing during economic hardships.


His opulent lifestyle includes living in a tax-free mansion, owning luxury cars, and traveling by private jet.


Critics argue that Copeland uses ministry funds for personal luxuries. Copeland, however, defends these expenditures as essential for his ministry's work.

Joel Osteen


Joel Osteen, another proponent of the prosperity gospel, took over his father's church in 1999. He is well-regarded for his motivational speaking style.

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Wealth and Earnings

Osteen has accumulated a net worth of around $50 million, primarily from book sales and donations rather than directly from his church salary.

Church Growth

Under Osteen’s leadership, Lakewood Church's sermons are now broadcasted in over 100 countries, attracting millions of viewers worldwide.


Osteen faces criticism for his perceived focus on personal success rather than spiritual teachings, which some argue contradicts traditional Biblical messages.


Notably, Osteen does not own private jets and has lived in the same house for many years, refraining from taking a salary from his church.

Steven Furtick


Steven Furtick is the founder of Elevation Church, established in 2006, and known for its rapid growth and energetic worship services.

Wealth and Earnings

Furtick's net worth is estimated to be about $55 million, which he has accumulated through donations, book sales, YouTube, writing, and music.

Pastor Net Worth Primary Income Sources Controversial Actions Lifestyle
Kenneth Copeland $750 million Television and radio shows Declared COVID-19 over on live TV; urged tithing during economic hardships Lives in a tax-free mansion, owns luxury cars, and travels by private jet
Joel Osteen $50 million Book sales, donations Criticized for focusing on personal success rather than spiritual teachings Does not own private jets, lives in the same house for many years, no church salary
Steven Furtick $55 million Donations, book sales, YouTube, writing, music Criticized for statements that contradict Biblical teachings Owns a multimillion-dollar mansion, multiple luxury vehicles, a second home


Furtick has been criticized for making statements that seemingly contradict Biblical teachings and focusing more on increasing church membership than spiritual depth.


Furtick owns a multimillion-dollar mansion, several luxury vehicles, and a second home, which attracts scrutiny given his role as a spiritual leader.

Common Themes and Criticisms

Prosperity Gospel

A common thread between Copeland, Osteen, and Furtick is their preaching of the prosperity gospel. This teaching suggests that material wealth and physical health are rewards for spiritual faith and positive thinking.

Contradiction with Biblical Teachings

Many critics argue that the prosperity gospel contradicts traditional Christian doctrines that emphasize humility, modesty, and service over personal gain.

Public Perception

The contrast between the pastors' opulent lifestyles and the financial struggles of their followers often leads to public scrutiny and debate about the ethical implications of their wealth.

Although the criticism of wealthy pastors is extensive, it is undeniable that Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen, and Steven Furtick have highly successful ministries with substantial followings. Their influence prompts important questions about the role of wealth in modern spirituality and the ethical balance between faith-based teachings and personal affluence.

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