The Secret To Buying The Best Gifts

May 13, 2024

Whether you’re buying for holidays or it’s for your dad’s retirement party, deciding the right gift isn’t as easy as it looks. While we all think that we can choose what’s best for us but when buying for someone else or or doing self-care, it can be difficult to make the decision with confidence.

Most people think that buying a gift is about spending a lot of money but in reality it’s the opposite. A gift is more of thought, something that can either make the other person or yourself feel better or something that is useful for the receiver.

Whether it is holiday season, birthday, anniversary, or a regular day, gifts hold a lot of significance as they help nurture relationships with our loved ones and ourselves.

To make it easy for you, we have curated this secret guide to buying for your loved ones. It will help you make the right choice without breaking the bank. If you would like to see some of the best gifts for self care on the web, you can also check out these self care gifts at rest and digest.

Know your occasion before buying a gift

We tend to believe that gifts are something given only during special occasions like a festival or a birthday or maybe Christmas. Although gifts during such times have their own significance. But buying gifts when you feel there’s a need to buy a gift is enough reason to give it to your favorite person or yourself.

Gifts on occasions are rather common and usually fall in the “expected” category. Whereas non-occassion gifts are unexpected and hold that surprise element. Unexpected gifts can offer more joy if the right thought is put behind them. The gift market is huge and you can easily find a product or service to gift-wrap.

So if you are thinking of buying an unexpected gift, know that it can be considered special for your loved one. Even if you’re buying for yourself, it can enhance your self-care practices.

Pay attention to small details

The best way to figure out what to buy for someone is by noticing what they usually talk about or usually complain about. For example, if your friend constantly talks about buying a certain skin care brand or your mom complains about her smartphone, it can give you a queue to think in the right direction.

Gifts that pose as a problem solver or fulfills a certain need are highly appreciated by the receivers. The secret here lies in paying attention to the person you want to make happy.

You can even take notice of things that you have been putting on hold and make the effort of getting that for yourself by becoming your own santa.

It doesn’t need to be larger than life

More often than not, we believe that a gift needs to be life-changing in some ways. This can sometimes lead to us spending way too much than our actual budget. With the rise of internet and tik tok, we are made to believe that a gift needs to be something that not just the person but the entire world should appreciate.

But in reality, a gift can be as small as a book that the receiver would actually appreciate. Good gifts only require great thoughts, not a big pocket. So maybe go for something comforting, and maybe fun so that the other person also receives it as a gift, not as valuable. So try to be creative when looking for a gift and focus on making it meaningful.

Keep a list handy

Gift giving is a task that doesn’t end as long as you are living in a society and socializing with people. Whether it is a major holiday, or a birthday, you have to have a potential list of gifts handy for your loved ones. In fact, it is a great practice to create an elaborate list that not only allows you to prevent repeating gifts but also make you better at gifting over time.

Every time you meet someone and they mention an item, you can put it in a note. You can create individual lists for different people and even yourself. And with time, you have a bunch of gift ideas that are meaningful and something that the person actually wants. It’s more a practice than a secret that can help you devise the best gifts.

Prioritize personalization based on relation

While it is great to do some brainstorming before giving a gift, it’s not always necessary. Sometimes, it can be a small gesture without too much personalization. For instance, you won’t go all the way by putting together a playlist of your favorite songs for Betty from work. But you can always give a greeting card along with scented candles or something less intimate.

So if you are buying something for someone you don’t know that well, don’t sweat it too much. Since you are not that close, it won’t upset them if the gift isn’t personal. But if you want to make an impression in front of your boss or someone new in your family, you can go ahead and spend on something luxurious like wine or watches. But make sure that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket while doing it.

Experience over an object

If you are looking for a self care gift to treat yourself, experiences can be more fulfilling than a perishable gift. While a good perfume may last a few weeks, great experiences can last forever. So, if you are feeling clueless about what gift to buy for your friend or even yourself, you can consider experiences over physical items. This may include going for a comedy show, beach day, hiking, cooking classes, tickets to a concert, weekend at a yoga retreat, and the list goes on.

Experiences help create memories and offer an opportunity for personal growth. Also, when experiences are shared with your loved ones, it can help strengthen bonds and creates opportunities for intimacy and deeper connection.

When in doubt, seek advice

While it's great to come up with a gift idea on your own and surprise the receiver, you can also end up putting a lot of pressure on yourself. You may feel stressed thinking whether the person will like it or not, especially if it’s something expensive.

If you are ready to put so much effort and your hard-earned money into a gift, it’s better that you ask the person what they want. It’s possible that the person will refrain from telling you exactly what they want and say something vague. But you can always overcome that by asking the right questions during conversations without outright asking “So Debby! What do you want for your birthday?”

Instead, you can always rephrase your sentence like, “If you were to buy something that would actually make your life easier, what would you want?” Be creative. Maybe even ask their family about their preferences.

In conclusion, the secret to buying the best gifts lies in the intent of buying as well as the thought behind it. With all the things we discussed in the article, you can now easily make the right choice without getting overwhelmed by tons of choices in the market.

Whether you are buying for a friend or for yourself, make sure you at least write down three to five things that can be potential gifts and contemplate which one would be the perfect choice. The rest is about reading between the lines and making the most of every conversation to become good at giving the right gift. Happy gift hunting!


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