The Top 5 Innovations In Outdoor Gear Transportation

May 24, 2024

Many people are ready to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine as summer comes. Due to the winter, your family has most likely spent much time indoors over the last few months. Spending a few nights outside may be an excellent way to unwind and have a good time.

Whether you enjoy biking, camping, or boating, you must transport your stuff from home to the path, campground, or lake, which requires driving. However, transporting your belongings to the campsites is less enjoyable. Outdoor equipment is frequently large and challenging to carry, making transportation difficult.

Failure to transport it safely can endanger you and others by damaging your vehicle or putting adjacent cars in danger. Here are five innovations that have been made in outdoor gear transportation.

1. Roof Rack Systems

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A roof rack for your car is an essential camping accessory if you need extra storage space. It lets you bring your bags and outdoor gear for a comfortable vacation. You may also place bikes and boards on it for outdoor adventures.

The principal benefit of most roof racks is that they may significantly expand your vehicle's carrying capacity. This is true for bigger, high-capacity cars and smaller ones with far less area to deal with. They are especially important for travelers who participate in outdoor sports that need heavy equipment. Consider how tough it is to fit fishing poles or surfboards into your car while traveling.

Even if you just have a small amount of luggage or passengers, fitting these unusually large things into your vehicle might be difficult.

Roof racks are nothing new in the automobile business, and the benefits they provide to vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. The rivian roof rack is the ideal answer for anybody wishing to boost their vehicle's load capacity, improve on-road safety, and give a more pleasant ride for their passengers.

2. Trunk Racks

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Most vehicles cannot transport large numbers of items. Adding a trunk rack makes it possible to carry four or more gears.

Transport your camping gear to your preferred destination with a trunk rack. Trunk racks are available in various configurations and may be secured using a hitch, straps, or a rear-mounted spare tire.

Trunk-mounted racks are the cheapest and most portable way to carry your bikes. They attach to your vehicle's trunk by several straps and hooks. They're straightforward to load, much like hitch racks. However, you cannot reach your trunk or back hatch when utilizing them. Spare tire racks, like trunk racks, are intended to be put on vehicles equipped with a rear-mounted spare tire, such as Jeeps.

Just because you own a pickup truck does not mean you should dump your bikes in the back. Truck racks are intended to fit within the truck's bed, allowing you to securely install your bikes without harming them.

3. Rooftop Cargo Boxes

A hard-sided cargo box mounted on your vehicle's roof rails may give plenty of extra storage space for camping supplies. These boxes are available in various sizes and provide secure, weather-resistant storage for your equipment. You may purchase cargo containers that open from the side or rear; most are keyed to keep your belongings safe. Remember that your car will require cross bars fitted to the roof rails, which may incur additional costs.

Soft cargo bags provide a comparable storage solution to rigid cargo boxes. They are less costly and more convenient to store while not in use. However, they are less likely to dry your equipment in the rain. Their rapid setup time allows you to camp anywhere, and their robust design makes them ideal for the woods.

4. Gear Hauling Trailers

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If you need additional space to move your belongings, try using a compact utility trailer. You may hire a trailer if you don't have enough storage space. Just be sure the trailer you're towing is within your vehicle's tow rating.

Transporting your camping gear in your trailer has several benefits. For starters, it expands your vehicle's interior space. This is especially useful if your entire family is planning a camping vacation. You can store all your camping stuff in the trailer, making extra room for your family in the van.

You may also want a trailer for any toys you intend to bring on your camping vacation. If you plan on hauling an ATV or dirt bike, a trailer will allow you to transport your belongings and a few powered toys. In addition, if the tent is complete, you may sleep in the trailer.

Trailers allow you to self-transport heavier cargo, such as motorbikes and household items. They can be customized to be enclosed or open-air. Attaching a trailer to a vehicle alters acceleration, turning, and stopping. To avoid injury, properly examine the vehicle's restrictions before employing a trailer.

5. Hitch-Mounted Cargo Carriers

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Cargo carriers provide additional capacity for cars to move things. You install them on the tops of cars or hitches.

Some carriers are designed to remain on the vehicle, while others must be eliminated before reaching the trunk. Garage parking might be an issue, so understand your vehicle's limits.

Hitch cargo carriers increase the length of your vehicle and fit straight into a car hitch. Several types of carriers with varying capacities are available. Some designs allow the carrier to be folded when not in use.

A hitch-mounted rack attaches to your car using a trailer hitch. These racks are simple to install and even easier to load and unload your gear. You will need a hitch receiver for your car. Most automobiles may have a receiver fitted, even if it is not original equipment. However, you will need to account for the additional expense.

These cargo containers are ideal for storing large things such as refrigerators. Just be sure your gear does not exceed the hitch tongue weight specified by the car manufacturer.

Bottom Line

A few nights in the great outdoors may be an excellent way to unwind from the worries of daily life. However, setting up your home away from home necessitates a significant investment in equipment. Avoid the urge to fill your vehicle to the ceiling. This blocks the image from your rearview mirror, drastically limiting your visibility.

Instead, try one of the following safer transportation options. Whether preparing for camping or a casual ride with the family, attaching your gear to your car is critical. You will need a rack to accomplish this.


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