The Ultimate To-Do List for Moving into a New House

May 8, 2024


Owning a home is a crucial milestone for most Americans. An overwhelming 94% of residents consider homeownership a part of the American dream.

You’re among those few fortunate people who turned their dreams into reality. After researching for countless hours and visiting more than a dozen properties, you’ve finally bought a home. Congratulations! Your hard work and dedication have paid off.

The process of buying a home is onerous, but moving into it is a whole different story. Moving is in no way an easy task. From packing all your stuff to changing addresses, there’s a lot to do before you can settle into your new home comfortably. Not surprisingly, 61% of people rank the moving process as the most stressful thing.

Unpacking and settling into a new space can overwhelm you, but this ultimate to-do list will make the transition easy. Here, we’ll uncover the essential tasks that you must do when you move into a new home.

#1 Change the Locks

You never know how many people have the keys to your home’s lock. Pet sitters, former owners, or even repairmen could have the keys. Some of them may not know that the previous owner has moved out and may drop by, creating a very uncomfortable and possibly dangerous situation.

Replace the old lock with a new one and ensure no one has the keys to it except you. You must do this even before you move any of your belongings to the space. Changing the locks will minimize the risk of unauthorized access and protect you from potential security breaches. For your safety, make sure to update all external locks, including those of garage doors.

#2 Deep Clean Your Space

Whether your new space is visibly dusty or spotlessly clean, cleaning it thoroughly before you settle in is advisable.

Simply wiping down surfaces or scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom isn’t enough. Deep cleaning your new space is important to ensure it is free of hidden dirt, allergens, and bacteria. While you can do it on your own, it will be time-intensive labor. Hire professional cleaners instead. They have state-of-the-art tools as well as expertise to tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks efficiently.

Your new space might also have mercury buildup, especially if it is adjacent to abandoned industrial sites. Asbestos Professionals LLC explains that many common household products, such as button cell batteries and fluorescent light bulbs, also contain mercury. Your chances of mercury exposure can be reduced if these items are disposed of responsibly.

Look for professional cleaners offering mercury abatement services. These companies have state-of-the-art equipment as well as the expertise required to remove mercury from your space safely.

These professionals will thoroughly assess your space to identify areas contaminated with mercury, such as old thermostats, fluorescent light bulbs, or spilled mercury from broken devices. Then, they will safely remove and dispose of the mercury, ensuring your home is free from this hazardous substance.

#3 Install Home Security Systems

It doesn’t matter how safe your neighborhood is; investing in a security system is a must when you move into a new home. Install cameras at all entry points, as well as in your yard, garage, and shed. It will cost you a bit, but it will ensure your as well as your family’s safety.

Wireless alarms are also a good option. Install them in doors and windows. They will notify you if burglars try opening the doors or windows of your space.

Many modern-day home security systems can also monitor for water leaks, fires, or other emergencies besides deterring burglars. Go for them for adequate protection. These systems also offer remote monitoring and control features. You can access real-time footage from your smartphone and receive alerts as well.

#4 Update Your Address With Key Contacts

Amidst packing and unpacking, it’s easy to forget to notify key contacts about your new address. That is why you must do that before you move into your new space. Inform your bank, credit card companies, and insurance providers about your new address. This will prevent any disruptions in receiving important correspondence or payments.

Make sure to also update your address with the IRS, Social Security Administration, and Department of Motor Vehicles. You will receive all important documents, tax information, and licenses at your new address. Also, notify your healthcare providers, employer, and subscription services of your address change to avoid missed deliveries.

To wrap things up, moving into a new home can be stressful. But a bit of planning and preparation can help you turn your new house into a welcoming and comfortable home. Hence, follow this to-do list, and you will be able to navigate the moving process with ease.

Remember that moving is a significant undertaking. Don’t hesitate to seek help from professionals and support from friends and family members when needed.


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