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May 6, 2024

With over 20 Agents in the game divided into 4 classes, there are plenty of options for players to explore and experiment in Valorant.

Whether you’re a sharpshooter who thrives in fast-paced action or a tactical mastermind who prefers orchestrating plays behind the curtains, there is a role that suits your playstyle and personality.

What are roles in Valorant?

When picking your Agent in Valorant, understanding its role is essential for optimizing your team composition and synergizing with your teammates.

In Valorant, roles are assigned based on classes which is an important aspect and understanding their impact on team balance and Agent selection goes a long way.

There are 4 main Agent classes in Valorant, those being:

  • Duelists
  • Initiators
  • Controllers
  • Sentinels

Each class embraces a different playstyle and brings something different to the table when it comes to combat and approaching objectives.

The main concept of roles is to help players create balanced teams. Theoretically, if your team comp has one of each Agents per role would balance it out, creating a perfect mixture of offensive and defensive strengths.

That being said, positively impacting your team goes beyond just locking in a specific class. It means understanding your in-game role and executing it effectively to contribute to your final goal.


Often considered to be the most entertaining role in terms of the duty it entails, duelists are always at the forefront of the shootout because of the nature of their kits.

These agents specialize in aggressive combat and entry fragging, always aiming to open the round with a killing blow from an ambush. For this reason, they’re a popular Agent class among high elo Valorant Boosting Players.

Duelist Agents generally aim to contest and win space on the map for their team by making aggressive rotations and they’re usually the ones who initiate the combat.

When it comes to abilities, Duelists are designed to be flashy and powerful, excelling in high-pressure situations by outplaying their opponents.

Duelists are divided into two sub-categories, those being the movement and flashing duelists, both capable of carrying the game, but differing in their approach.

That’s because Duelist’s abilities are designed to deal damage and provide map control such as Raze’s E, or provide mobility on the battlefield like through Jett’s E.

Should you main Duelists?

When thinking about hard carrying the team by dropping dozens of kills and committing clutch outplays, Duelists are the first thing that comes to mind.

Duelist players are always willing to go that extra mile to secure the kill by making aggressive plays on the map, and making essential contributions to the team.

Generally, if you’re someone who prefers this type of fast-paced gameplay that relies on mechanical outplays, duelists are perfect for you.

When inspecting Duelist Agents closely, it’s easy to conclude that they have somewhat selfish kits in terms of team play. This is because Duelists’ abilities are designed to create space for your team by constantly pressuring your opponents and making offensive plays.

Being a skilled Duelist means being confident though, as it requires a lot of skill and believing in yourself while rushing your opponents.


Controllers are the complete opposite of Duelists in terms of their in-game impact and the role is generally looked at as the most boring one in the game. However, that’s far from the truth as Controllers can be very fun to play and they’re undoubtedly an essential part of every successful team comp.

The most important job of any Controller is to smoke efficiently which disrupts your opponents and makes them think twice before rushing a site. Just a single smoke at a specific entrance can make the entire opposing team think twice before going head-first into combat.

Calculations are a big part of being a successful Controller as you need to predict your opponent’s movements to accurately counter them. A large part of these Agents identities stems from their ability to control the map and rotations, hence the name Controllers.

Should you main Controllers?

Generally, Controllers are built for players who like to think outside of the box when it comes to interrupting their opponents’ plays and setting up their team for success.

As a Controller, once you’ve mastered the art of smoking, you can start getting creative with your plays and your tactical approach.

Depending on your preference and playstyle, there are various types of Controllers that allow you to personalize your approach.

If you like Agents that prefer slow tempo, Omen is an Agent for you as he can recharge his smokes and excel in prolonged combat.

On the other hand, someone like Brimstone prefers a more hands-on aggressive approach as he can launch all of his smokes at once.


Sentinels are Agents that love playing the game on their own terms by setting traps and disrupting the enemy team.

The main goal of Sentinels is to contest and win high-value areas on the map by using their utility abilities to give them an upper hand.

If you find yourself constantly fighting your opponents without your utility as a Sentinel, you’re doing something wrong. Generally speaking, being a good Sentinel entails constantly fighting and outmuscling your opponents with the use of your utility abilities.

Meticulous preparation is what sets a good Sentinel apart from a bad one, as good Sentinel players have a combat setup prepared before they even start fighting their opponents.

This allows Sentinel players to have a methodical approach to fights and gives them a higher chance of emerging victorious.

Should you main Sentinels?

Understanding the map is what being a Sentinel main is all about. By becoming a Sentinel player, you’ll learn invaluable knowledge about the timings of rotations and small map-specific tricks.

Generally speaking, maining a Sentinel will allow you to gain a greater understanding of the game overall. By constantly playing around your opponents’ movements, you’ll be able to recognize their attacking patterns and punish them for it.

Sentinels are also great Agents to pick up if you’re new to FPS games and you’re struggling with aim. This is because the utility these Agents posses allows them to completely swing the course of a fight before the first bullet is even fired, which compensates for your lacklustre aim.


Behind every top fragger Duelist in a match, there is an Initiator who constantly racks up assists and sets up plays on the map. Initiators are the architects of victory, shaping the flow of the game and enabling their teammates to make outplays on the map.

While Initiators may not always receive the same spotlight as top fraggers, their contribution on the battlefield is invaluable when it comes to securing victories.

These Agents are the ones who control the entire match from behind by initiating fights, gathering intel, and creating openings for their teammates.

Their abilities allow them to gain map control by scouting specific areas, allowing the team to approach objectives strategically and catch opponents off guard.

Should you main Initiators?

If you’re a team player who enjoys staying back and pulling the strings for your team behind the scenes, then this is the perfect role for you.

By playing Initiators, you’ll increase your game sense and learn how to read the flow of the game by anticipating enemy movements.

Patience is a virtue, which is something you’ll become very familiar with when you start playing Initiators and using their utility.

Using your utility later in the round rather than firing it all at once at the beginning can completely swing the outcome in your favor and catch your opponents off guard.

Additionally, you’ll learn to effectively communicate with your team. Communication is essential when playing Initiators because you’ll constantly be setting up plays and coordinating with your team to capitalize on the openings you create.

Getting a new Valorant Fresh Account to test new roles is a great idea, so you don't risk using our main to try something new.


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