Wedding Photography Tips For Photographers

May 23, 2024

Are you struggling with wedding photography? Looking for some amazing and unique wedding photography tips?

As a Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast wedding photographer you might have come across various difficulties to shoot the “perfect wedding”. But it doesn’t come as easy as said, does it?

Either the couples are too stiff around the camera, or the weather is just not ready to cooperate. Other times, you can experience problems with too much happening at the wedding or with a single person or group that keeps following you for additional shots. Sounds familiar? Quite annoying, right?

Even the best professional photographers have all been there. But there has to be a way that they overcame their hurdles with wedding photography in Brisbane. Want to discover the tips that most well-known and skilled Gold Coast wedding photographers use for their wedding photography? Keep reading ahead.

  1. Make a shot list

One of the best pieces of advice for wedding photographers is to ask the couple to plan out the pictures they want you to take on the big day.

Afterwards, make a list so you can cross each shot off as you take it. This is very useful for family portraits. Nothing is worse than receiving the pictures and realising you didn't capture the happy couple with Grandma!

  1. Find a coordinator for family photos at weddings

Taking family portraits may be a very stressful part of the day. It may be pretty hectic since people are moving around, you're not aware of the many family relations at play, and everyone is in a "festive mood" (and frequently has had a few beverages).

Ask the couple to choose one family member (or one from each side of the family) to serve as the shoot's "director." They may gather everyone, assist in getting them in the picture, and maintain order so that the couple can return to the celebration.

  1. Check out the area

Before the big day, visit the sites of the many areas you'll be filming. Knowing where you’re going, having a general notion of a few shooting angles, and understanding how light can affect your photos can all be incredibly beneficial.

Likewise, it can also help you understand which poses will work best with the background, and also allow you to determine the best time of the day to shoot.

  1. Planning is the key to wedding photography in Sunshine coast

On the big day, a lot may go wrong, so you need to be ready. Have a backup plan (for poor weather), keep your batteries charged, keep your memory cards clear, and plan your route and arrival times. Get a copy of the day's schedule so you can see what comes next. Attend the ceremony rehearsal if you can. You'll learn a lot about potential shooting locations, the lighting, the ceremony's sequence, etc.

  1. Set clear guidelines for the couple

Showcase your work/style to the couple. Find out what they want to do, how many shots they want, what important details they want to be captured, and how the shots will be used (for prints, etc.). Make sure you have an upfront price agreement in place. This will help in avoiding any disagreement later.

  1. Capture the little things

Take pictures of rings, menus, table settings, the backs of gowns, shoes, flowers, etc. These elements will contribute to giving the final album a deeper level. Find some inspiration by looking through a wedding magazine at a newsstand or online.

  1. Be bold but subtle

Oftentimes you have to be bold to capture a moment since timidity won't get you "the shot." However, timing is critical, so planning ahead to be in the appropriate place at crucial times is essential to avoid interfering with the event.

Attempt to move at least four or five times throughout a ceremony, and try to synchronise your movements to match hymns, sermons, or in-depth readings. Be assertive, know what you want, and ask for it from the couple and their guests for the formal pictures. At this point in the day, you are in charge of directing the event and must maintain momentum.

  1. Take candid and raw photos

Although many readers believe they don't have the time to shoot in candid and raw shots (since it requires longer processing), a wedding is one occasion where it could be really beneficial because this offers you so much more freedom to edit your photos after you shoot them. Photographers can encounter challenging lighting conditions at Wedding reception, necessitating post-processing adjustments to exposure and white balance. In these situations, taking candid and raw shots will be helpful.

  1. Enjoy the wedding

Marriage is a celebration, so it should be fun. The more fun you are as the photographer, the more at ease the people will be. Perhaps the easiest approach to get them to relax is to smile for the camera (warning: you will always come home from photographing weddings with sore jaws and cheeks because of this smiling strategy).


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