Who Is Michelle Lally Dating?

May 13, 2024

Before The Valley premiered, we were told that Jesse and Michelle Lally had already split up. Even if we weren't privy to that information, it wouldn't have been long before we assumed that's where they were headed. Pretty quickly after appearing together on screen, it was clear that there was hardly any love, and certainly any respect between the Lallys. Sure, you can blame Michelle for allegedly cheating on Jesse with some bleeped out director. Or you can blame Jesse for being an all around douche of a husband.  No matter the cause, the fault, or the truth behind their split, they both seem to be moving on. Who knows, maybe if viewers watched them on our screens for the past decade like we had Jax/Britt, Tom/Ariana, Tom/Katie, hell, even Jax/Stassi,  we would have more of an emotional opinion on their split. But alas, I think the common feeling from viewers in the short amount of time that we've witnessed them as a couple is, good riddance. It didn't take long before Michelle had a new man, and we've been seeing tiny glimpses of them together. So, is Michelle Lally dating now? Let's take a closer look.

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Who Is Aaron Nosler?


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 Michelle's new man, Aaron Nosler is a financial advisor based out of Glendale. He is a financial advisor and director (not that director) for Thrivent. According to their website, Thrivent is a Fortune 500 financial services, investments, and banking organization. According to their Instagram, they are Christian faith-based. 


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Season Two Aaron Appearance?

While this is a new relationship, Michelle has gushed about how great it seems to be going. "We instantly clicked, and we like the same things, so it's just been really positive." Michelle also already introduced Aaron to hee and Jesse's daughter Isabelle, and claims that Isabella loves him. With the news that season two of The Valley has been picked up, it seems likely that we will get to see Aaron appear alongside Michelle. According to Michelle, "I think he's considering it." Who knows, maybe appearing in a reality show with your new girlfriend and her soon to be ex husband is the perfect recipe for a long and happy relationship.


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How Does Jesse Feel About Aaron?

It may seem surprising, but I don't think there would be that many explosions of Aaron did indeed appear on season two. For one thing, it seems that Jesse and Michelle are trying to divorce and co-parent the right way. Jesse hosted a birthday party for Isabelle this past April, and he explained that he invited both Michelle and Aaron over, so that Isabella would have both her parents there. Maybe all Jesse needed to become a rational adult male was a divorce. 


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What do you think of Michelle Lally's new man?

If you enjoyed reading up on who Michelle Lally is now dating, take a look at who Jesse Lally has just started dating, here.

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