5 Signs that Your Pavement needs Crack Sealing before Winter Arrives

June 28, 2024


Winters can be harsh. From overflowing pipes to storm damage, there’s no telling what Mother Nature throws at us.

Now that we’re feeling the effects of Climate Change and temperamental weather patterns, it’s best to be prepared. Thankfully, summer and autumn will give you all the time you need to ensure your home is in ship-shop shape.

You’ve probably thought about getting the basics right like clearing your gutters and trimming tree branches. Your pavement is just as important.

Asphalt crack sealing involves using a hot sealant adhesive to seal cracks on asphalt surfaces. This prevents further deterioration and moisture from getting into the pavement.

This prevents further deterioration and moisture from getting into the pavement.

Identifying the signs that your pavement needs some TLC can save you from costly repairs further down the line. This is even more crucial if you reside in a location with extreme winters.

Let us consider the example of Charlotte in North Carolina. While winter reaches an average high of 48.7°F here, the weather can be unpredictable. Effective crack sealing in Charlotte, NC is a necessity to be prepared.

Below are five key indicators that it’s time to consider crack sealing to protect your pavement’s longevity.

Visible Cracks


Your driveway is normally the first to show signs of cracking due to the high level of foot and vehicle traffic. Extreme weather can also affect the asphalt pavement. Hot and then cold conditions put pressure on the surface, forcing small cracks to form.

You might think that a small crack here and there is nothing to worry about. The truth is that it will get progressively worse.

Unsealed cracks can quickly turn into potholes, says Charlotte-based crack sealing services company Proline Parking Lot Maintenance.

Get it repaired by a reputable crack filling company ASAP. It will save you the headache of paying for a much bigger problem in the future.

Excessive Amounts of Surface Water


Accumulated water on the surface can lead to water seepage. Moisture causes the most damage and degrades not only the asphalt but also the underlying ground.

Once it seeps underneath the pavement, the trapped water damages the seal. This can result in cracks or potholes. Oftentimes, the damage isn’t visible to the naked eye. So you can’t tell how extensive the damage is.

To prevent any further deterioration, make sure your driveway has proper drainage to direct the water away from it.

Sealcoating, crack sealants and crack repair have also proven effective. They provide a protective layer of liquid emulsion to the surface, serving as ample protection against sunlight, rain and snow.




Potholes are what happens when water seeps into existing cracks. The unsightly blight is dangerous on several levels, including a vehicle tire blowout.

The pavement becomes oxidized. This is the last thing you want. An oxidized pavement causes the asphalt to loosen, while the water damage can lead to depression in the pavement. The surrounding pavement could be unstable, compromising structural integrity.

Not surprisingly, U.S. drivers claim the most from their insurance companies for damage from potholes. According to data from AAA, about 44 million drivers had to dig deep to cover the costs of vehicle repairs.

After conducting their own research, USA Today found the states with the worst pothole problems. These were Washington, Michigan and Minnesota.

Cities that experienced just as terrible potholes were New York City, Los Angeles and Minneapolis.

Because of the health and safety risks, potholes need to be swiftly dealt with. Effective ways of rectifying the problem are cold patching and asphalt patching.



Asphalt discoloration is a sign that your pavement or driveway is getting old, making it brittle and more susceptible to damage.

Exposure to sunlight and other extreme conditions causes brittleness. Luckily, crack sealing should be sufficient to remedy the problem.

But it’s not only fading asphalt. Roads throughout the country are experiencing faded markings, specifically in Charlotte, NC.

If you own a business, you would have noticed the state of the asphalt parking lot. Traditional road paint only lasts up to two years on paved assets.

Some Charlotte parking lot maintenance companies have taken to using thermoplastic pavement markings. The markings are made specifically for wear and tear and harsh weather conditions.

Crumbling Edges


Concrete gutters and curbs serve a specific purpose - to protect against crumbling edges and structural damage.

If they’re not well-maintained, it creates a ripple effect. The edges crumble and break apart. Besides the eyesore, the debris can be a danger and cause accidents. There are two ways of addressing the problem.

Concrete repair is quick and effective and only repairs the damaged parts of the edges. If you haven’t already, it’s advisable to install concrete curbs or gutters on the edges to prevent further crumbling.

Come wintertime, proactively addressing these signs with crack sealing can safeguard your pavement and minimize future asphalt crack sealing repair costs. Timely action can save you from trouble and expenses.




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