Are Sunflowers the New Roses? Let’s Find Out!

June 14, 2024

Lately, the popularity of sunflowers skyrocketed. In fact, their popularity even surpassed roses. Moreover, they have the potential to take the place of roses. I know it is quite a big statement. But considering the fact that people love them so much it’s kind of true. So, what is it that’s making people pick sunflowers instead of the king of flowers – roses? Well, let’s find out in this blog.

Sunflowers are the New Roses – Here is Why

Roses for Valentine’s Day. Roses for birthdays. Roses of weddings. Roses just-because… Aren’t we all tired of picking roses for every occasion? It has become a sort of cliché. This is why sunflowers entered the scene and became a star among all the flowers. Here, we are going to discuss why sunflowers are the new roses. Also, if you want to order flowers online in Qatar, Mayfair is your reliable go-to.

Quick Question: Are Sunflowers Seasonal?

Well, it's true that sunflowers are seasonal. They typically bloom during the late summer, thrive in warm climates but need plenty of sunlight to grow. But because of modern agricultural techniques, we are lucky enough to have them all year round. So, if you want to delight your loved one with a bouquet of flowers, you can! Because they are available in every season.

Now, let’s get back to discussing the reasons why sunflowers are taking center stage in the world of flowers.

Sunflowers are Super Pretty

Sunflowers are so cheerful. They are tall, bright yellow, and really delightful to look at. The moment you look at them, their vibrancy lifts up your mood. Another reason why they are so appealing is that they follow the sun. Hence they exhibit the unique charm of the sun.

Did You Know? Sunflowers follow a phenomenon called heliotropism. This is why they change their direction with the sun.

Other than this, they are tall. And this makes them stand out even more. Also, sunflowers are versatile. You can use them in all sorts of floral arrangements. And when it comes to getting your loved one a warm bouquet, there is nothing better than sunflowers.

Sunflowers are a Thoughtful Gift

People preferred roses as a gift because of their symbolism. After all, giving roses conveys love. Similarly, giving your loved one’s sunflowers is also a thoughtful gesture. It conveys warmth, care, and companionship. Therefore, it is a great gift for any occasion.

You can accompany your get-well wish with these tall blooms. Believe me, the recipient will feel better instantly. For romantic occasions, try something other than roses – sunflowers. Because roses are a mundane gift and your relationship needs a bright yellow spark!

Sunflowers are Trending

Get sunflowers not because they are beautiful but because they are trending. These blooms are oh-so-instagrammable. And they are the highlight of every flower trend on social media. Why so? What made them trending? Well, they are aesthetically pleasing! They brighten up every frame they are in.

In fact, it is not wrong to say that social media platforms are abuzz with stunning sunflowers. Whether it’s the cottage core girlies on Pinterest or the big bouquet reels on Instagram, they are everywhere and they are here to stay.

Sunflowers in Pop Culture

How did roses become the king of flowers? Its representation in literature, art, and movies as a symbol of love is what made it earn this position. The same is the case. The reason why it is considered a strong contender for roses is its extravagant representation in pop culture.

One of the most significant references includes Vincent van Gogh’s painting series “Sunflowers”. It is by far one of the most iconic mentions of these flowers. Apart from this, you can see these bright yellow blooms in a lot of movies, music videos, and whatnot.

Ending Thoughts!

Let's circle back to where we got started: sunflowers can dethrone roses from their title “the king of flowers”. It is because they are as versatile as roses. Therefore, the next time you think of roses, think how overused they are. And pick sunflowers from Mayfair Qatar instead!


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