Celebrity Restaurant Tables & Chairs Trends

June 24, 2024

The trends in restaurant furniture can move so fast that it can be dizzying to keep up. So, it can make sense to keep an eye on what those at the top of their game are doing, to get a glimpse of what's working for the industry leaders.

One inspiring niche to keep an eye on is the world of celebrity restaurants. Whether it's famous TV chefs, Hollywood actors, or legends from the world of pop - the interior styles chosen by these elite restauranteurs can provide an insight into the latest trends that are wowing in the world of A-Listers.

Here are some of the latest happenings in the world of celebrity restaurants to help you choose your favourite style for your next furniture upgrade or revamp.

Bistro Chic

Did you know Lady Gaga was in the restaurant business? The pop star's family business, Joanne Trattoria is based in Manhattan, New York and proudly serves simple, wholesome Italian food. The decor and interior style is also keeping it real with a pared-back, down-to-earth Bistro Chic style. Think bistro chairs, bare brick walls and clean lines for tables and furniture.

If you're looking for a simple trend for your pub & restaurant furniture that will stand the test of time, why not take a tip from this success story and pair your delicious food with a back-to-basics interior style that lets the meals speak for themselves?

Rural & Rustic

Another celebrity restaurant that is keeping things simple is the winery restaurant in California owned by famed filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola. The venue offers both indoor and outdoor dining, overlooking the picturesque wine country vistas that that region is famous for. With views like these, it makes sense to keep the interiors low-key, and the vibe here is so purely rustic that it's even the name of the restaurant.

The main area is housed in a vast barn-style building, and as the name suggests, there is plenty of natural wood - the floors, tables, chairs and walls are predominantly wooden or natural finishes. The food, however, looks anything but commonplace - with a calibre of cuisine you'd expect from a Hollywood legend.

Dark Wood

Another quietly stylish celebrity restaurant is the Soul Kitchen chain - the brainchild of another pop legend, Jon Bon Jovi. This inspiring initiative is a community project, a nonprofit restaurant where diners of all budgets are welcome. There are innovative and altruistic pricing models, with affluent diners encouraged to Pay It Forward to fund meal donations, and those unable to afford the price range are invited to volunteer or help out in some way.

The interior style of this popular community restaurant is subtle, understated and masculine. Cafe-style dark wood is the name of the day, and the mid-brown tables, chestnut shelving, and black wooden chairs provide the perfect backdrop for the food, the people, and the purpose of this inspiring project.

Miami Glamour

The Swan restaurant in Miami is one of pop legend Pharrell Williams' investment projects. As a partner in the business, Pharrell brings both his celebrity and his inimitable style. Located in the Miami Design District, it's no wonder this venue has a distinctive designer-vibe, in a classic understated tone.

The interior style is unmistakably Miami - carved white wooden bar stools with cute carvings, pastel upholstery and dining chairs in palettes typical of the city's sunshine style. All around are creams, neutrals, and just a little bare wood, with an upmarket feel to the decor intricacies. Even the bistro chairs are a twist on a classic design - ushering in the pop star's design credentials and uber-cool aesthetic.

These are just a few of the many celebrity restaurants that are raising the bar and setting the pace in the ever-changing hospitality sector. And while the rich and famous may have larger than average budgets for their interior design plans, smart restaurant owners can tap into the trends and make them their own.

For example, the rustic style can be achieved simply by incorporating more natural materials into your restaurant interior. This can be done using the furniture itself, with some stylish wooden chairs or tables, or you could give the venue itself a makeover and introduce more bare brick or natural wood flooring to achieve the same effect.

Taking a virtual peek at what the industry leaders are up to is just the starting point for your business. So, if you're looking to ring some changes in your restaurant interior, these trends and ideas should give you some food for thought.


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