Clever Flower Decoration Ideas For Homes & Gardens In Australia

June 6, 2024


Have you gotten a new home? Are you excited to spice up your home with some beautiful decorations? Well these stunning and vibrant native flowers are ready to blossom their way into your space and help make your house truly feel like a home. Whether it’s for your garden or your living space, flowers are a wonderful way to decorate your home and add some beauty. From creative decorations to simple displays, a world of floral wonder is ready to be explored!

This guide introduces you to the amazing powers of Native Australian flowers, how they can transform a space into a stunning haven of color and fragrance. So put down that flower vase and get ready to show the world your gardening skills!

Creative Flower Garden Decoration Ideas

Not every home has a garden, but if you managed to get one that has, why not take full advantage of it? A garden is the perfect place to go all out when it comes to flower decoration, lots of space and a great atmosphere.

Floral Haven Entrance: Flower Arch Entrance Way

Let yourself and your guests feel the full floral fantasy with a stunning archway that leads into your garden. Adorning it with beautiful native Australian flowers will give that one-of-a-kind look, perfect for events and parties.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • A Garden Arbor
  • Gardening Shears
  • Hanging Flower Pots
  • Climbing Plants/Vines
  • Selection of Flowers

How to:

  1. Set up the Arbor: Place your garden arbor at your desired location. This truly is your choice but the recommended spot is where yourself and your guest would most likely use as the entrance to your garden.
  2. Place your plants: Put your climbing plants or vines at the bottom of your arbor and they will slowly but surely climb all the way to the top, providing shade and stunning look. Be sure to care for them and snip off any vines that stray too far from the arbor.
  3. Add extra flowers: Some arbors have included places for small pots and vases, but most don’t so you can opt for hanging flower pots to add your native Australian flowers for that extra bit of beauty.

Bonus tip: Don’t be afraid to use fake flowers and dried flowers to decorate your flower arch, it’s often encouraged and will make the arch look more full, just be sure to get artificial flowers that are quality material.

Trash To Treasure: Tire Flower Pots

Using an old car tire is one of the most popular and creative ways to upcycling a trash item for your garden. It’s a large circular base perfect for a flower bed for your specific flowers. Instead of going for some plain flowers, opt for a flower delivery Sydney service to get some native flowers.

Material You’ll Need:

  • Old Car Tire
  • Sandy Loam (Soil)
  • Garden Trowel
  • Paint (Optional)
  • Selected Flowers

How To:

  1. Prep your tire: Set your car tire to your desired location and position. It can be placed lying down or standing up. If you’re skilled enough you can cut the tire into different shapes to make it stand out - there are plenty of tutorials online on how to do it.
  2. Decorate your tire (Optional): You can get creative and paint your tire into whatever your color you like to match your garden. Show off your artistic skills by adding shapes and doodles, like small flowers.
  3. Shovel in dirt: Using a garden trowel, shovel in your soil of choice, preferably sandy loam, into the tire. Add just enough so it won’t overflow and that your flowers can comfortably be placed.
  4. Place in your flowers: Dig up a section from the dirt and carefully play in your selected flowers, and recover the dirt to secure it. Water it once every few days to make sure the flowers stay vibrant and healthy.

Bonus Tip: If you plan to move your tire flower pot in the future, glue and secure a wooden base to the bottom if you plan to have it lay down.

Beautifully Simple Floral Home Decor Ideas

If you don’t have a garden or don’t have enough confidence to decorate your garden, there’s no need to worry. It takes a lot of skill and dedication to have a garden, while it may take a while for you to gain confidence, it shouldn't stop you from decorating your space with some lovely flowers!

Here are some creative yet easy to do flower decorating ideas that any person interested in flower decor can do in the comfort of your own home. So place your order for some Perth flowers now and let your creativity blossom into your home!

Hanging Dried Flowers

Dried flowers may not be as popular as fresh flowers in a vase, but they give you a whole bunch of creative liberty for decorating your living space. Hanging them from sticks and railings make for a wonderful backdrop and flower display, and they're easy to make too!

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Fresh or Dried Flowers
  • A Decorative Stick
  • String or Yarn
  • Hot Glue Gun (Optional)
  • Scissors

How To:

  1. Wrap your flowers: Using some string wrap the stems of your desired flowers to make a simple flower bouquet. Be sure to snip off some of the excess foliage. Also don’t wrap too many flowers together, they may get too heavy and harder to handle.
  2. Glue them together (Optional): If you’re not confident in your knot skills you can use hot glue to secure them in place.
  3. Attach them together: A great idea is to take a long piece of string and attach 3 - 4 bouquets spaced out by a few inches. This way when you attach everything together the final piece will look much more grand.
  4. Secure the stick: Wrap and secure the string to the stick, making sure that the flower bouquets will hang upside down. Using extra string tie both ends to the ends of the stick to make a sort of handle.
  5. Time to display: All that’s left to do is to display it somewhere, either as a backdrop to a wall or as a hanging centerpiece above a dining table. As long as the area is safe and the flower won’t get in the way of people.

Bonus: You can buy already dried flowers online, but if you purchased fresh flowers it’s fine. The instructions given are also used to air dry flowers to preserve them. Watching the vibrant bloom dry up but keeping their shape and turn into a stunning earthy color is a marvel to witness.

Resin Flower Frame

A simple and cute way to use flowers to decorate your home is by preserving them in resin and using a photo frame to easily display them. This might take a few tries to get the hang of, but the end result will be an amazing floral display and you can even brag to your friends and guests that you made it yourself!

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Wooden Frame
  • Clear Resin
  • Mixing Container
  • Resin Dye (Optional)
  • Flowers of Choice

How To:

  1. Cover your area: Using newspaper or an old cloth, be sure to cover your work area before starting, that way it’ll be easier to clean and declutter once you’re done.
  2. Place your flowers: Inside a picture frame or a wooden frame, place your flowers (pressed flowers preferably) inside the frame. Be sure that there is a backside to the frame as well.
  3. Secure your flowers (Optional): To make sure your flowers don’t move around when pouring in the resin, use glue to secure them in place.
  4. Mix your resin: In a separate container mix your resin and any color additives you want to make your resin look more vibrant.
  5. Pour in the resin: Now it’s time to pour your resin, carefully and slowly to avoid making any bubbles, use a stick or a toothpick to move around the flowers to a more desired position and pop any air bubbles.
  6. Wait and display: Time for some patience, leave the resin to harden. Go do your daily activities during this time to pass the hours. Play games, cook, read a book, or browse social media. After a few hours it’s ready to be displayed!

With a little bit of creativity and imagination plus some hardwork and dedication. You can make beautiful floral decorations anytime! The feeling of accomplishment when finishing up a project is wonderful. Plus you can brag to your friends and guests on your creations, that will certainly boost your confidence and pride in yourself, knowing that you are capable of creating a stunning piece of art.


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