Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge Raid Tips and Tricks

June 25, 2024

Salvation's Edge, introduced in The Final Shape expansion, is already being hailed as the best raid in Destiny history. Whether you agree or not, the instance is undeniably impressive, posing a fast-paced, mechanically-heavy challenge that demands incredible skill and top-notch team coordination. Every encounter, including the ultimate showdown with the Witness, tests Guardians to their limits, so to make your run smoother and easier, we've put together some tips and tricks that will speed up the encounters and simplify the mechanics.

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How to Master Salvation's Edge Easily

Split Up and Move in Opposite Directions

Remember how bad it is to split up in horror movies? Well, it doesn't work that way in Destiny 2 raids. In Salvation's Edge, splitting up is actually a must to outrun your timer and prevent a group wipe.

For the first encounter, divide your team into two groups of three and make sure to move through the rooms in opposite directions. One team should go clockwise and the other should head counterclockwise from the split point, so you're always moving away from each other. It's crucial to clear adds quickly and not miss any Hydras, as that can hinder the other team's progress on their route. Also, keep in mind that the room where you killed the Overload Minotaur is the exact place that has the first plate you need to energize to start the sequence, charge the Conductor, and spawn the Resonance buff.

Prevent Add Spawns

In the second encounter, teams often struggle with the overwhelming number of adds while working on the plate mechanic. However, there's a trick to prevent wipes and save you tons of ammo and health by simply not spawning the enemies.

Here's the deal: clear the first wave of adds completely, including the yellow-bar enemies, to open up the plates. Then, instead of heading to the center right away to grab the Stolen Favor, start ping-ponging the plates to spawn Resonance all over the field, but don't pick up the buff just yet. Once all the Resonances have appeared on each side, let the chain fail and deal with the mini-boss that shows right after that.

Now, you can head to the center of the arena, deal with the Knights and Blights, pick up your Stolen Favor buff, and proceed as usual. At this stage, adds will spawn, but you won't need to do the plate mechanic while fighting them. All the buffs will already be in place, and you just need to pick up three — only the last one needs to match the symbol on the Conductor — and deposit them.

Time Your Well

This is a special tip for Warlock players in the final encounter against the Witness. During the DPS phase, do not pop your Well of Radiance until the platform has fully been raised. If you unleash it at the start of DPS while the platform is still moving, your Well will be left hanging in mid-air as the platform ascends, leaving you out in the open with a wasted ult. So, wait until you go all the way up, and once the platform is steady, go ahead and pop up your Well.

Resist the Damage

This tip is for those who struggle to dodge the Witness's attacks or simply want some extra protection. Since all the final raid boss's attacks deal Solar damage, just equip two Solar resist mods and a Concussive Dampener, which will make you tanky enough to survive at least the diagonal hits.

Plan Your Loadout

First off, it's crucial to consider the current elemental Surge when picking your loadout. This new game feature adds a damage buff to specific weapon types, so to maximize your efficiency, you'll need to adjust accordingly.

Our general loadout suggestions include things like Gjallarhorn to swipe through rooms quickly, Still Hunt for precision damage, and some LMGs for add clearing. In the second encounter, we also recommend using swords as they perform exceptionally well in there.

For the final encounter, it's essential to bring as much damage as possible since you might end up one or two Guardians short during DPS where every ounce of damage will count. An incredible high-damage combo is the Still Hunt sniper rifle with the Celestial Nighthawk helmet, which allows you to turn your weapon into a Golden Gun and make super powerful shots. However, this requires you to run the Hunter class. For other classes, we suggest using a sniper that matches the Surge type to get the buff. Remember that you need to stay on the move constantly, so don't spend too much time aiming. It's more important to survive the Witness's attacks than to make a super precise shot and end up dead. Also, having the Divinity trace rifle in your team's arsenal is a good idea because of that target-weakening effect. Also, consider using something like the Sleeper Simulant fusion rifle or Microcosm trace rifle to hipfire and deal damage while dodging the blasts.


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