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June 14, 2024

Has a reckless Queens motorist injured you? If a careless car struck you while you were crossing the street in Queens, or strolling on a sidewalk, or in a parking lot, you should pursue justice. Your pedestrian rights must be protected absolutely. Should these rights be infringed upon and you suffer injury, you are entitled to seek damages. New Jersey personal injury attorney, and experience Queens pedestrian accident lawyers from our team who will help you all through the legal process.

Expert New York Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Our family-owned company has stood up for harmed people in our community for three generations. Our past verdicts and settlements show Finz & Finz P.C. has the knowledge to manage even the most complicated pedestrian accidents.

You should not be liable for paying medical bills, missed wages, or other expenses as a pedestrian who has been hurt. Particularly if you come across a drunk, inattentive, or fast-moving motorist. Now set up a free consultation with a seasoned Queens pedestrian accident attorney from Finz & Finz P.C.

Compensation Options for Queens Pedestrian Accidents

You might be able to recover damages with a pedestrian accident claim. Queens pedestrian accident lawyers at Finz & Finz P.C fight for just compensation for:

Treatment and Rehabilitation: Complete coverage in both the medical and rehabilitative spheres
Long-Term Care: For those with permanently limited ability, home health care or home modifications
compensating for missed employment revenue.
Future Income and Benefits: Your income and benefits may suffer by missing work.
Improving Living Quality: Well-Being and Enjoyment
Examining Pain and Suffering: Physical and Psychological Obstacles

Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries:

Lack of protection makes pedestrian accidents potentially very dangerous. Among the common injuries are:

- On uneven surfaces, friction causes skin damage known as abrasions—also known as road rash. Among those injured in accidents and falls, these are rather common ones. Minor scrapes to serious skin lesions are the range of road rash
- Major crush injuries such as compression injuries damage tissues and can lead complications when a bodily part gets squeezed between two objects
- Leg and knee problems.
- Herniation damage.
- Among them, ligamsprains,prains and rips abound.
- Tendon and muscular injuries can be really severe.
- Internal organ damage and bleeding.
- Spinal cord injuries

Find Out More About TBI and New York Pedestrian Accident Data

The New York State Department of Health publishes pertinent information annually:

- Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians have claimed 312 lives.
- 3,027 hospitalizations have been a result from motor vehicle-pedestrian accidents.
- Motor vehicle-related pedestrian accidents cause shockingly high numbers of people to be treated in emergency rooms each year. There were 12,506 visits overall. This number emphasizes the need of increasing knowledge and using ofy measures to prevent like events.
- While men aged 20 to 24 had the highest number of ER visits, those 65 and above had higher death and hospitalization rates.

What To Do After a Queens Pedestrian Collision

Following a vehicle-pedestrian collision will help you to guarantee your safety and well-being:

1. Proof consists in pictures and videos of the accident scene. See doctors if you have been injured.
2. Right now you have to find expert medical help. It's imperative to follow the advice of your doctor.
3. List Your Losses. Maintaining exact records of income lost and expenses is absolutely vital. It can help to journal your suffering and healing.
4. Think about what you say: Keep social media accident details under private access. Insurance companies could turn your social media posts against you.
5. Getting in touch with a lawyer: Get in touch immediately with a qualified Queens pedestrian accident attorney from Finz & Finz P.C.
6. Kindly get in touch with a qualified pedestrian accident attorney in Queens, New York straight away.

One qualified pedestrian accident attorney in Queens is Finz & Finz P.C. Plan a free appointment right now to enable you to find stability.

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